Shadowblade modding

i’m not gonna lie: i have an interact shadowblade for the ps2. i got it back when i was money-poor and joystick-inexperienced (i’ve been playing sf2 and such on happ all my life, so yea). i like the case but not the buttons (joystick i’m half & half abt). i have not yet opened it up, so i don’t know what the inside looks like. if anyone knows b4 i open it, what are my modding options for this thing (and don’t say “chuck it out the window” or “sell it on ebay”)? is the “pressure-sensitive buttons” “feature” gonna make any difference (ie, are the buttons analog instead of digital and will that decrease my chances of successful modding)?

also, short of doing a complete pcb transplant (which i’d like to avoid), are there ANY ps2-to-usb pc converters on which the shadowblade actually WORKS? it doesn’t work on the boom psx+n64-to-usb converter (which, BTW, is ACE on EVERY OTHER PSX CONTROLLER I HAVE) or the super dual joybox (which is just as great as the boom, but twice so) and at best i’d only want to buy ONE more converter if it’ll get the shadowblade working on pc.

I don’t know anything about modding the joystick and buttons, but check this thread for PS2 to PS3 converters. Most of them work on PC as well.

I modded a shadowblade with Sanwa stick/buttons.

Replacing the joystick took a lot more dremel time than it was worth IMO. Your shaft height will be incorrect and you’ll also be at a gnarly tilt.

The buttons are good to swap, the holes are actually the right size.

My pcb died on me a few months after I modded it. I spoke with another guy who had the same problem.

When the PCB work, it did work flawless with a REAL PS2-PS3 converter. I have no idea what the availability is for this particular one though.

You could probably put a cthulu board in there and get creative with your cables, but you’ll need to probably drill new holes for start/select/home buttons over the middle area.

The buttons aren’t analog, just really mushy iirc.