Shadow Pixelation; My problem or shared?

In every beta on PS4 I’ve been getting pretty insane pixelation on certain shadows. Typically it happens on character models, though I have seen it in a few places on stage geometry. Below are a couple screenshots taken directly from my PS4 with a few instances circled in red. It’s much more noticeable and jarring in motion than screenshots.

Is anyone else experiencing this or is it just me?

I as well

Yes, holy fuck. I thought something was wrong with my monitor. But yea, I haven’t seen that kind of pixelation in the footage of other people. It’s particularly bad in the kanzuki estate stage.

Same on PC on default settings

Its pretty rough at char select for me as well, particularly with Chun in the previous betas. Here’s one with Ryu and Mika that I grabbed before the server went down.

I have noticed this in the last two beta’s… I also thought that my tv was borked lol.

They probably reduced the shadow detail because maybe it was impacting frame-rate.

The problem is that Capcom assume most people don’t notice these small gfx downgrades because they are playing on a small monitor/tv but stuff like this looks hideous on a 55inch TV.

But if this is the trade off to keep a solid 60fps on ps4 then so be it.

It’s usually not visible in videos due to compression, but that effect has been there at least as early as the London stage reveal screenshots. I think it’s related to ambient occlusion, as it usually appears where different objects are close to each other (Ryu’s leg and body, the inner area of his elbow, Mika’s body, ponytail and arm, the lady’s breast and arm, it’s also usually noticeable around Chun’s bracelets…).

It’s really bad on some character’s faces like Nash and Vega’s mask.

It’s been present since like Beta 2. I don’t think I noticed much of it during Beta 1. Feels like the overall graphics have been nerfed to help the game run at constant 60FPS.

I blame either the Unreal Engine 4 since Capcom doesn’t have that much of experience with it, or it’s the PS4’s hardware at fault that couldn’t keep up with the game, therefore it’s been universally visually downgraded