Shadaloo pictures


does anybody have the shadaloo logo as a wallpaper

dont know why you need 2 threads for this.
but i searched for it a long time, and couldn’t find anything.

cuz really nobody listen only u lol but same here cant find nothing at all

Photoshop Dictator and a Shadaloo symbol for 'ya


proceed. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanx alot!!

That Shadaloo insignia is based on our Capcom collaboration. Here are actual wallpapers we released for SF

Do you have it in wallpaper size, avatars arent very helpful :wasted:

Quickly whipped this up from one of the wallpapers.

Posted the picture here because here you can see it. It has a transparent background.

+repped :tup:


Its on the right hand side of that page for each character.

Xfade - why did you remove the III crest :frowning:

i can redo one for you when i get home :smiley: no worries :stuck_out_tongue:

Just re-add it to the original artwork please :D. That Shadaloo wallpaper was specifically designed that way and modifying it to leave out the credits makes me sad.

Done and i’ve updated my post :smiley:

Sorry about that.

Thanks bro.