Shadaloo Legacy Chapter 3

Detective Hermann Flemming walks past through the patrol cars and police line and enters the alley. A number of officers are already there and the forensic team have begun to examine the crime scene. Flemming goes to one of the forensic scientists.

“What do we got?” he asks. The scientist turns to him.

“Detective Flemming… well, this body appeared to have suffered extensive blunt trauma to the head and the neck is broken. The wrist is also fractured.” He looks up towards the roofs above the alley. “Initial theory is that there might have been a struggle on the roof. The subject appear to have tried to defend himself with one arm raised from a club of some sort that shattered the wrist. He then fell head first and died on impact.”

“Did you find a weapon?”

“No, sir.”

Flemming ponders the details for a moment. He looks around the alley and his eyes fall upon the other body in the scene.

“What about that one?” Flemming gestures to it.

“This one is a more interesting case. From the looks of it, the subject suffered severe burns throughout his body. We can’t get anything more until the results of an autopsy comes in.”

“Let me hear it as soon as you got something.”

Flemming moves towards the other parts of the alley. It’s completely enclosed, and the only exit appears to be the one he came through. Running up one side of a building is a fire escape. The ladder at bottom is raised up. He looks up to the roof it goes up to. Exiting the alley, he goes over to the office building with the fire escape and enters.

“Good morning. Welcome to Finnegan Real Estate,” greets a portly man. “How may I help you?”

“Good morning. I’m Detective Flemming,” he flashes his ID at the man. “I need to see your roof.”