Shadaloo Assassin's secret thread

So, as I said in another thread, there is a lot of information being shared on the twitter of Japanese’s Claws.

I am making this thread to look out for someone that knows how to translate kanjis properly. Making a bridge between us would be cool. As they are way ahead in the lab than we are, we can use that information to evolve faster.

Using google translator we can tell when they are talking about technologies. For example, here ( ) we can tell that makoto0124 is talking about air throw. It seems like its the focus crumple air throw. But I can’t really tell because Google Translator can’t translate ir properly.

So… anyone willing to help us out?

interesting, it is a hard knockdown that hasn’t been heavily explored. other than using it as a 3 frame safe jump, there has to be more to it. i’m only imagining mirroring the izuna setups though

Its a genuine 4f safe jump. You can tweak the timing of it to safe jump the whole cast.
Focus Crumple Air Throw - Neutral Jump(empty jump or any move bar air throw) - JI.HK is safe against 4f.
Focus Crumple Air Throw - Neutral Jump Air throw - ji.HK is safe against Blanka’s 4f Reversal, as he wake ups 2f later than the usual and the 5f of Sagat and Cammy.

i remember makoto did in and it’s safe against srk as well

Yeah, the second (and last) frame of recovery of jiHK avoid the first active of SRK.

No, fucking, one?

Thats bad :frowning:

I remember seeing something about the crumple air throw for a crossover EX FBA or U1 set up somewhere.

Also, i think Sasaki and Star can translate

lol I wish - or does maktoto write in german as of late?

oh I thought you had like 15 languages learned or something. or is Japanese not one of them?

latin and russian my friend, only the usefull ones :wink: