SfxTekken Price Drop: Implications?

So another forum I check daily (although far less than SRK) is CheapAssGamer. I saw a thread listing for SFxTekken tonight (http://www.cheapassgamer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=318843). I checked my local Wal-Mart, and indeed, SFxTekken was listed at $39.96 as a “Rollback Price”. I asked a clerk and was told it’s not a sale, that’s just the new price.

If this is indeed a universal price drop and Wally World is just getting it out there first (which isn’t unreasonable at all to assume), what can we speculate leads to a game being 1 month old and dropping 33% of it’s price?

Could the DLC controversy have semi forced the hand of Capcom here? The Xbox lack of Couch CoOp being cut out of the game (and not the manual)?

Are sales not doing as expected (this game was the most hyped fighter I can recall of this generation along with MK last year)?

Could the gems just be a shitty idea afterall?

I watched the Maximillian video talking about the “death of hype” for this game, and it made me wonder…Is this game exposed? It was everyone’s favorite theory fighter until release, and people seem to be dropping it left and right for other games within the first month of it being officially released.

I think this is interesting, it’s VERY quick for a universal price drop.

Game isn’t at all my cup of tea, so I passed on picking up a copy. I played it at a friends and just wasn’t interested (though the DLC controversy / Couch CoOp and Capcom’s statements about those played a part in me not being interested, well that and a more than slight addiction to Mass Effect 3 in March).

Your thoughts? And please no generic “Fuck Capcom” , “Fuck SFxTekken”, “Fuck you Solder, SFxTekken RULEZ bro”.

It’s becoming a normal thing now with games. I went to Gamestop with my cousin in eariler afternoon and their were crazy price drops on recent releases. I saw SCV and MW3 for $40, Arkham City for $30, Skyrim for $50. With how fast game prices have been dropping recently there’s no point in getting anything on launch day. Though it does piss me off that the game dropped by $20 a month after release after I tried so hard to get a it a week early.

I noticed 2 weeks ago it dropped to $49 at Best Buy and posted about it in the NHC group at Facebook. I thought the same myself. I think there are so many people mad about it and how Capcom has handled it that the retailers need to drop the price to get it to sell.

I’ve personally boycotted the game because of how Capcom handled the DLC and won’t even own up to it, and I was hyped as shit for it once I saw Vega was in it. DLC colors is all I needed to see. DLC fucking colors that they “planned” on releasing for free at a later date, already on the disc… If it’s free, and on the disc, I mean, do I really need to explain that? Seriously.

All those except SCV are plenty old enough to warrant a price drop by this point.

MW3, Arkham City, and Skyrim all came out before Thanksgiving. Before Black Friday and the Christmas season.

This game came out literally, 1 month ago. Quite a difference.

I was honestly surprised by the MW3 dropping in price already. For a series that prints the money that it does the price doesn’t normally drop until the next yearly entry and even than not by much. Being $40 at this span in it’s life shocked me.


Supply and Demand

Games remain $60 as long as people keep buying them at $60. When no one is buying it at $60, they will drop the price to whatever price they think people will buy it at. The stores don’t want to sit on a bunch of copies, they need to make room.

Price dropping after a month or two is becoming standard, regardless of how successful the game is on launch.

This has no implications on the game, this is merely how the industry operates nowadays.

But my point here is, if stores are sitting on copies or we’re past the point where this game is going to sell at 60 bucks, is this game exposed for lack of a better term? If it’s price dropped one month in universally, does that constitute a flop commercially? Are there legit sales figures out there for this game?

Another loaded topic / discussion point: if this game is underselling compared to expectations, could it lead to the “fighting game bubble” popping once again?

I’m with you Mr. X, waiting on Skullgirls. 2D > 2.5 all fucking day.

Actually I want to say 2 more things.

There is no reason why Australia game prices are so high today other than publishers noticed people were still buying them at that high price.
http://penny-arcade.com/patv/episode/mailbag-3 Go to 4:20

Stores already reducing the price of SFxT in 1 month (if permanent) speaks VOLUMES. Wow, I thought I was the odd ball out with not being interested in the game.

I think it just means SFxT is a bad game but the industry will interpret the FG hype is dying if a Capcom title isn’t selling vastly better than every other fighting game.

I should’ve waited…damn

People need to stop freaking out about the price drop. Its regular.

I bought Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood at $35 new roughly a month after release. Usually games that don’t have a robust online multiplayer experience along with a blockbusting title drop incredibly fast in price after release.

Eh, I don’t think 20 bucks more is a lot in difference if you bought this game day 1 and have been playing it regularly. Especially if you plan on trying to compete even in local meetups, you gotta know everything you can and get the lab time in.

But I’d be super salty had I kept my pre-order and paid for a game with broken promised features, busted netcode and all the DLC being Disc Locked Content and not DownLoadable Content, but that’s not what this thread is about.

So it hasn’t even been a full month yet? Can wal mart refund the difference if you got it within 30 days?

Yesterday was 1 month to the date, so I doubt you’ll get a difference if you bought it on release. (no idea on their policy, I don’t actually shop there).

And I’m not freaking out about a game getting a price drop, I’m more interested if anyone else thinks that all of the controversy / problems with the online / possible low sales could be the reasoning for this change. Dropping MSRP by 20 bucks after 30 days isn’t normal for a title doing remotely well.

To any mods, I’ll move this thread to FCG if more appropriate.

well I wasn’t accusing anyone, but its pretty much standard practice if I recall correctly. So you can’t assume things like low sales due to community backlash.

Ono sort of admitted on twitter the game is selling poorly, no?

lol of course gems were a shitty idea. probably among the worst as far as fighting games are concered.

this game has so many insane flaws, even if you pretend the DLC issue doesn’t exist.

Missing co-op couch mode. Netcode is horrible, Sound issues 100% of the matches I’ve played on (90% of those being no sound at all)

It takes 5 years to play a match in this game (even in 1 player arcade mode there is horrendous load times)

Metagame in this basically spits in your face if you have any previous fighting game fundamentals. I mean come on, hit your opponent once and then run away the whole match is considered a legit strategy in this game. Even without one player running away you get at least 1 time out almost every single match if not more.

I’ll stop there but this game is sooo beyond flawed.

Ono’s tweets seem to suggest the game is a failure.

I don’t think a $20 drop in price is “standard”.

Eh, I got the game for 45$ day one. So I payed 5$ extra for an entire extra month of enjoyment. Works for me. Though I seem to be in the minority even on this games own forums that seems to be enjoying it.

I think it may be due to oversaturation in the market. There is no way a man can have time to practice and play UMvC, AE, KoF13, MK9, and SCV all on a competent level… and a lot of my friends have expressed a sense of being torn between the many games already out there cause they want to play them all but there just isn’t enough time in the day. When you pile on SFxT on top of all these, and it has all these problems in almost every conceivable area, and you already don’t have time to play all the games you want to play that, y’know, don’t have who only knows how many issues at this point… I find it pretty easy to see how alot of people just can’t be assed to play it.