SFxT Tourey tonight!

Hey guys, I’m going to whats esentially an unofficial Capcom Fight Club tonight, and they are hosting a surprise SFxT tourney, and the prize is a cab with SFxT on it. Obviously, I’m gonna rep Claw (and Boxer most likely) and try and take it.

Also, Seth is going to be there. From what my friend (who is there at the moment, one of the Shadowloo guys), has told me, Vega is really, really good. Also, Seth is playing him as a main.

I’ll find out as much as I can, and I’ll get a combination of the Shadowloo and the Burnout Fighter to get as much Vega footage as I can.

It’s time to rep the claw and mask!

Hey guys, I did a write up of what I learned tonight in the SFxT Vega thread, but I’ll repost it here:

Vega is AWESOME in SFxT.

I got to go to an unofficial Capcom fight club event tonight in Sydney and play SFxT. To be honest, I more played than watched, but I learned a LOT about Vega.

Firstly, Seth was there, and I pretty much just walked up to him and said “How good is Vega in SFxT?.” He told me that he wasn’t sure who the best character in the game was, but that Vega was “one of the best.” Awesome stuff.By the way, Vega is on Seth’s main team. (I saw Seth play a mix of Rolento, Zangief and Vega.) In the finals of the tournament played that night, the game was won with Vega (by Sol.)

Anyway, one of the Shadowloo guys, Sol, got extensive time with the game by himself because he was a member of the press. Sol got to try out a whole bunch of stuff and I’m happy to report that Vega’s combos are extensive, look awesome, and do tons of damage.

Firstly, Scarlett Terror is really good in this game. One of the possible, and easy to do combos Sol was going was crouch strong ST into crouch strong ST. Looks real cool as well. Cannot report if Scarlett Terror has invul or not, but people were using EX ST as a wake up attack and I never saw it get beat out.

You get a full combo off down forward heavy kick, not just a single hit, but a full combo.

Pokes are great, and combo easily. You have ten billion years to hit confirm in this game. Crouch medium kick to crouch medium punch still works as a link. Vega also has the standard magic series, but don’t use that because it does no damage. Damage scaling is a really big deal for combos.

Vega’s jumping attacks are, in short, amazing. His jump arc is low and fast. His jump in attacks are high priority. His air-to-airs look like the absolute best in the game. To top it off his airthrow is also amazing, and looks really cool. As you get full combos off air to airs, this is a pretty big deal

Nothing direct to do with Vega, but a buff to him never-the-less: Fireballs look like their pretty bad. Especially Guile’s Sonic Boom, it’s just not the same move. It’s really bad.

I suspect that you may, potentially, be able to combo off EX slash off the wall if you hit a grounded opponent.

Cannot combo off overhead. I suspect you might if you get a counter hit, but not off the regular one sadly.

Couldn’t get the kara throw to work, but that may have been because the sticks we were playing on were really, really shit and I had no idea if I was doing it correctly or not. Hopefully its still in, can’t confirm either way.

Some bad news, though: naked wall dive seems bad as ever, and they’re really, really slow. Also, Bloody High Claw has regained its incredibly annoying function of not always comboing, even if you hit them with the knee on the way up. Also, its not a pretzel motion anymore, its like hold back and press three punches. Felt really weird when I did it the first time. The move looks slow and I don’t think it has any invul.

All in all, it was a great night, and Vega is looking fantastic. I’m still a bit iffy on the game, but Vega looks like he might be returning to his A-tier ranking soon enough.

If you have any questions, I’ll do my best to answer them. I’ll also post videos when they’re up, we have a TON of Vega footage, including Vega winning the first ever public SFxT tourney :smiley:

Ask Seth about that bullshit DLC they are planning to release and ask why Capcom can never offer a complete package game having to milk their customers/fans.

Great news…and thanks for the report…reading about BHC turning out to be useless again kinda felt like a punch to the stomach…and regular wall dives being bad is not a surprise…is Splendid Claw good?..what about RCF?..