SFxT, the biggest money grubbing game in history?

I honestly think SFxT is biggest the biggest money grubbing games in history.

Capcom have become obsessed with money. I know its a company and all, but there are limits.

  • Buy gems to win your games.
    For example, you are not going to beat an equally skilled person with strong(cheap/overpowered) gems. What do you do? You go and buy some gems.
  • Buy trials to learn new combos.
  • On disk DLC.

Probably more. I stopped playing the game few months after release, so I dont remember everything.

What do you think? Have Capcome gone mad?

Is this thread from 2012?

You mean, other than MMORPGs?

Or the Final Fantasy Square released on mobile that you have to pay to play then pay more to win at?

Can you point out these game breaking gems? They’ve been patched/nerfed months ago. The game itself comes with hundreds of gems which are all free. DLC gems are optional. And in the end, fighting game fundamentals and skill are all you need in SFxT, not gems.

What? You don’t need to pay to play trials. The game does offer a combo editor you can pay for to complete trial mode if you got issues but it has no use in competitive play and is quite useless TBH.

You’re not forced to buy DLC. It’s optional. And compared to other games, it’s cheap. Other games have had on disk DLC as well, this isn’t a “Capcom way of handeling things” only.

Pretty much sums up how much you know about this game in its current state. Would you actually mind to post something relevant instead of bringing up a topic nobody cares about anymore? Yet you bother to complain about a game you haven’t played in months? Congrats I guess.

He came back after almost two years. NEXT.

Stop responding to an obvious troll…I swear I have seen this somewhere before…