SFxT Street Date Breaking / Early Sighting thread

EDIT: Quick guide on how to ask your local shop if they’re going to sell early.
First rule, chain stores tend to have a system of checks in place to make sure games aren’t released early. Walmart and gamestop should both have these AFAIK. If you’ve got a contact in a chain store that you can hit up, great. They will rarely sell their games early though, so google for mom-n-pop shops / independent stores.

Second rule, DONT mention “breaking street date” or any of that junk. You need to give them an opening, talking about it on the phone to someone they don’t know is a risk to their business.

Third rule, some places will tack on 10$ or so to the price. This isn’t unusual, so here is your fair warning. This is likely to offset the risk of the heavy fines.

  1. Ask them what day they get their shipment of new games in. If they give you a solid day, great. Then ask them specifically about SFxT.

  2. If they give you a day, follow up with asking if they’ll sell it as soon as they get it.

  3. If they tell you no, if you’re willing to make the trip, go in person and ask.

Guide based on asking around town to six different stores and managing to get 3 to confirm that they do.

One week till official release, I've heard there are people in NY playing already so lets get this information circulating!
Early shipping, early preorder releases, whatever.
If you've got a friend who can sell early copies tell us who to ask for, where, phone numbers, etc.
Mod edit - Don't forget, no piracy talk
Compiling information gathered so far:


[quote=soulsynapse, post: 6570971, member: 59578]
Walmart (grossmont) in SD confirmed to have them, person I talked to won't break street date for $80. They've arrived folks, I dunno about the mom-n-pop shops just yet but if you've got a friend in retail hit em up!

[quote=GuiltyGearX104, post: 6574227, member: 2451]
Pre-ordered the special edition from BestSku.com, so far for Ultimate and Super Street Fighter 4 I always got it around a week early. But to ship Express shipping is kinda expensive. But Special Edition is $59.99 and Express is $25. So in total $85. Already placed my order lets see if tomorrow I see a shipped statues.


[quote=io, post: 6575413, member: 445]
I would also recommend bestsku. They always get early and ship fast

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[quote=cdkee, post: 6577741, member: 64211]
Apparently "Games On" in San Diego has broken street date before. Might go check it out on Friday. I got midterms this week ugh.

[quote=MrSoada, post: 6578779, member: 25155]
Ok I talked to the guy at Gameplay. They are saving me one. EXCELLENT. He didn't say anything about tomorrow though.
Confirmation for michigan: https://twitter.com/#!/WOLFKRONE/status/175051145759305728/photo/1

[quote=The_Pat_Attack, post: 6578950, member: 62477]
For SoCal people:
In addition to Game Play Long Beach, Games For Less in Costa Mesa claims they'll have it by Friday. So give them a call if you're in that area. Hopefully Game Play gets it tomorrow though. Already paid for my copy there lol.


[quote=Sideshow20, post: 6581643, member: 1963]
game heads on woodward in detroit, mi has copies now. they want 70 bucks tho for breaking the street date.

ahh i love these threads.

just gonna post the same thing i always post:

I will pay $100 for a copy up until Saturday. Philadelphia / KOP area

These threads make me a sad puppy sometimes…:frowning:

NorCal never gets street date broken. Which annoys me to no end.

If a store has a game stocked sell that shit, the numbers won’t be skewed a sale is a sale. (looking at Gamestop)

Should be grateful you’re not in Europe :stuck_out_tongue: 4 whole extra days to wait for official release over you US guys! It’s killing me already let alone when people actualy start getting the game!!

Oh, we in there.


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Where you at? Got a location for us? I’m in SD area. Hell, give us an area code and people can call around. Send a PM with any relevant info, please!

Not my shit, but I was emailed that image. They are in SoCal.

-Tha Hindu

Oh nyc how i hope you will answer my prayers. Praise the sun.

Walmart (grossmont) in SD confirmed to have them, person I talked to won’t break street date for $80. They’ve arrived folks, I dunno about the mom-n-pop shops just yet but if you’ve got a friend in retail hit em up!

if someone does have it in ny please pm me

Damnit gonna go lurk shops tomorrow to try and find a copy X3

Gameplay in Long Beach, CA always breaks release date. The guy told me they would have it this friday, worst case scenario monday.

Tallahassee Should have it the Sat. before release date. Games 4 Less always comes through on these deals.

If someone from NYC plz PM me if any places in the area are selling. Thanks in advance

Anyone know if there’s any in Minneapolis, MN?

In SoCal and also looking for this game. PM me!

Also in SoCal and also looking for this game. PM me!

anywhere in texas im interested…