SFxT returns at EVO2015: Free to enter with Donation Pot Bonus!

C&P’d from the Facebook group

I am guaranteeing at least $500 for the pot. If we fall short of $1000, I’ll throw in some swag like gear from Avermedia and/or Madcatz.

Oh, and I’m throwing this shirt in the pot, as well.


unfortunate that I missed out on cross this year at final round due to brackets and stuff, this sounds amazing

really appreciate your hard work and its always nice to meet you

You too, bro. Sorry for my mood when you saw me Saturday, there was a ton of stuff weighing on my mind and it wasn’t until I literally dumped cold water on my head that I found my groove. No one showed up for the lobby anyway except for Mr. Electric.

Onto EVO prep!

Would have been mind blowing if, “CVS2 returns at EVO2015: Free to enter with Donation Pot Bonus!”

Well, there’s usually a CVS2 cab there, and someone is probably running it already.

CVS2 actually is going to be a side tournament at Evo 2015 this year. It’s being run by BAS at the Madcatz booth with console setups brought over by some SoCal players.

Has Madcatz released a schedule for the stream yet?