SFxT Relaunch and post-launch Safetag listing

Seeing as there is no resource for these, I went ahead and started compiling a list. If you have any combos that fit in here please leave them below!


  • No meter usage (anyone can tag back to the other character using meter which defeats the purpose of this list)
  • Must be done from a raw launcher (no tag cancels, keeps damage values consistent)

Combo must fit into one of the following categories:

  • Maximum damage (throw practicality out the window!) from most launchers.
  • Maximum damage while remaining practical, possible off most (if not all) launchers
  • Low launch/Low execution alternatives (only when the existing combos are execution heavy or will not work off Julia-tier launches)
  • Maximum damage from “high” launchers (Vega, Jin, Ken etc)

When testing safe tags test against both:

  • heihachi wake-up super if sent fullscreen
  • Ken’s super. (roll forward if sent fullscreen)

A spreadsheet format can be found here.

Specials thanks to: LordWilliam1234, Ozleon, VGCraze, RyanHunter, Dr. Grammar, Vincinigton, Windalfr and Alex Kamisama (KS|Ramos) for helping with the discovery/testing.

f+mk xx dash > cl.hp xx lk.wheel kick > launcher (324) [relaunch]

cl.hk xx CADC > Launcher (270) [relaunch]
cl.mp > fs.hk > walk forward > cl.hk (295) [safe tag]

launcher (200) [relaunch]

f+lk xx f+lp > f+mp > launcher (340) [relaunch, midscreen]
f+lk xx f+lp > launcher (294) [relaunch, easier]
f+lk xx f+lp > lp.exorcisor xx p xx f+p (340) [safe tag, midscreen]

cl.hp > lk.dash upper > launcher (316) [relaunch]

cl.mk > launcher (240) [relaunch]

cl.hp xx specialstep xx mp > launcher (364) [relaunch]

cl.mp > cl.hp xx lp.fisherman > launcher (376) [relaunch]

cr.hp > lp > launcher (284) [relaunch]

f+hk xx hk > launcher (332) [relaunch]
st.mp > cr.hp xx lp.double arm stinger (288) [safe tag]

Chun Li
b+mk xx mk xx jumpcancel > j.hk > Launcher (320) [relaunch]

lp > cl.mp > cr.mk > launcher (280) [relaunch]

lp > lp > launcher (224) [relaunch]

cl.lp > j.hk > Launcher (264) [relaunch]
cl.lp > j.hk > cr.hk (257) [safe tag]

cr.mp xx mk.rhino horn > Launcher (310) [relaunch]
mk > d+hp > cr.mp xx mk.rhino horn (334) [safe tag]

cr.mp > lp > launcher (254) [relaunch]

mp > walk forward > launcher (254) [relaunch]

cl.hk xx lp.rising upper > lp.rising upper > Launcher (330) [relaunch]
cr.mp > st.hk xx lp.rising upper > Launcher (326) [relaunch, easier, low launcher]


st.hk xx dynamite heel > Launcher (324) [relaunch]
st.mk xx mk xx FLA cancel > st.hk xx hk.hunting hawk (361) [safe tag]

cl.hk xx jumpcancel > j.hk > Launcher (320) [relaunch]
st.mp > walk forward > st.mp > cr.mp xx raida (334) [safe tag]



f+mp xx mk xx mk.windroll > f+hp > launcher (340) [relaunch]

cr.hp xx jumpcancel > j.hp > launcher (305) [relaunch]
cr.hp xx jumpcancel > j.hp (235) [safe tag]

cr.hp xx ewgf > st.hp xx hell sweep (375) [safe tag]
st.mp > f+mk > cr.hp xx hell sweep (321) [safe tag, easier]
st.mp, st.hp xx hell sweep (281) [safe tag, easiest, low launcher]

Launcher (200) [relaunch]
cl.mk > b+mk (208) [safe tag]

cr.lp > uf+mk > launcher (280) [relaunch]
uf+mk > cl.hp xx hp.running jaguar bomb (406) [safe tag]



cl.hp xx hk.somersault kick > launcher (316) [relaunch]
b+mp xx lk xx mk > launcher(300) [relaunch]
b+mp xx lk xx mk (240) [safetag]


Launcher (200) [relaunch]
cr.hp > d+mp xx f+hp > hk (314) [safe tag, midscreen]
cr.mp xx f+hp xx CADC > cr.mp xx f+hp xx hk (298) [safe tag, corner, cross-under]

cl.lp > cl.mp > launcher (264) [relaunch]

M. Bison

cr.hp xx mp.skullsplitter > cr.hp xx hp.skullsplitter > launcher (398) [relaunch]
cr.hp xx mp.skullsplitter > cr.hp xx hp.skullsplitter > ivory cutter (398) [safe tag]

s.mp > uf+lk xx mk > launcher (294) [relaunch]
cl.hk xx CADC > cl.hk xx owls hunt (350) [safe tag]

cl.hp xx mp.mortar punch > launcher (334) [relaunch]
hk.shredder > Launcher (290) [relaunch, easier]
st.mp > cr.hp xx mortar punch (315) [safe tag, midscreen]

cl.mp > lp > launcher (264)

st.mp > cr.hp xx CADC > launcher (302) [relaunch]

lp > walk forward > lp > walk forward > mk > launcher (256) [relaunch]

st.mp > f+lk xx hk > launcher (286) [relaunch]

Launcher (200) [relaunch]
lp > lp > f+mp (175) [safe tag]

lp > lp > launcher (224) [relaunch]

lp > cl.mp > launcher (248) [relaunch]
cl.mp > cl.mp > launcher (278) [relaunch, corner]

lp.flicker > f+mp xx lp > lp.flicker > launcher (386) [relaunch]
cr.hp xx ducking xx mp > f+mp xx lp > lp.flicker (370) [safe tag]

lp > df.hk > launcher (272) [relaunch]

cl.hp xx lp.hakkesho > launcher (340) [relaunch]
lp.hakkesho > cl.hp xx mp.hakkesho > cr.hk (387) [safe tag]


cr.mk > cl.lk > Launcher (282) [relaunch]

Does it have to be a HKD or SKD’s too? Also Wouldn’t it better to use Ibuki’s or Gief’s supers or Akuma’s RD instead of Julia’s? Since Julia’s has a 4f start-up.

must be a hard knockdown (though that in itself is not enough to lead to a safe tag, there are other factors… mainly recovery.) as softs are techable. Testing for “safe on block” is kind of impossible using something gief/akuma supers and while ibuki’s is 1f faster than ken, ken’s has better initial forward movement. Also, no one actually plays ibuki… XD Forgot about Julia’s startup nerf, but thankfully I havn’t actually tested anything against her yet :stuck_out_tongue:

True, but Gief’s and akuma’s super allow you to identify whether or not you’re able to raw tag safely if they activate their instant supers and see if you can still jump away.

ex, King’s RJB has enough KD time that it allows him to raw tag and have his partner jump away before the instant supers connects. It’s that good of a raw tag move that you can actually continue offense after the raw tag with at least 5frames normals and still hit opponents within their 1st/2nd pre-jump frames…meaning no 3f normals can hit you and you get free CH’s.

Raven: st. mp> c.hp -> wind cross dash cancel> [relaunch]
Law: cl.hp xx somersault kick > launcher (316) [relaunch]
Law: b+mp xx lk xx mk > launcher (300) [relaunch]
Great idea by the way!


cl. Hp xx lk silent entry , cr. Lp , [relaunch] (284)

Tried it with Akuma’s launcher.

safe tags

stand HP, HK > crouch MP xx MK Rhino Horn (340 after a raw launch)

stand HP (two hits, try to connect as high as possible) xx handstand > Perch Flop Kick > Front Stinger (332 after a raw launch)

Safe-tag for Chun:

st HK x CADC > st MP (both hits) x CADC > st HP x LK Hazanshu (343 after raw launcher)

You can cross under if you do hp mp hp instead of hk mp hp.

For the sake of keeping a useful thread going:

LP Uppercut, launch [280 dmg]

safe tag - st.LP x2, cr.MK xx giga punch [338 dmg]

st.MK ~drunk cancel, normal st.LP, launch [254 dmg]

Hugo :(:
st.LK, launch [230 dmg]

Bob safe-tag in the corner:

HP xx Special Step xx Spiral Rocky > HP xx MP Cracker xx Poundcake (387)

Launcher is already kind of inconsistent in the corner and this does more damage anyway, so figured I’d post this even though I haven’t seen any corner specific combos yet. Doesn’t work on low launchers though, at least I haven’t been able to do it yet. The best I could come up with off of Julia’s launcher was LP xx b.MP xx LK Special Step xx Spiral Rocky > HP xx MP Cracker xx Poundcake for 340 damage.

been kinda lazy updating the spreadsheet… I’ll get to it tho! :3

Updated, let me know if I missed anything.

You missed all of mine ToT

Those? I added them… O.o

Huh, I can’t see them…this is so weird >.<

I dunno… they’s there tho D:

Swoops talking about the original post, Darkfire about the spreadsheet? :v

Is updated, that’s for sure.

…ooooooh, DERP. :confused:

Bob midscreen safe tag:

HP x HK Spinner Ball > HP x HK Spinner Ball > HP x HK Spinner Ball > HP x MP Cracker > Poundcake (371)

You are doing more damage with HP x Spiral Rocky > step forward > launcher after a (AB)C, though. Just something to keep in mind after a raw launcher or when you’re only doing 10 % damage. It’s more useful for set-plays than it is for safetags, though.