SFXT PC matchmaking thread

I know there aren’t that many PC players out there but if you would be so kind as to post your gfwl tag or steam id’s here it would be greatly appreciated:) Mine:

GFWL: Great Foxx
Steam ID: Blantron

Steam ID: none
Location: Philippines

You guys dont see the stickied post?

Looked console exclusive to me :V

I’ll ask you again; did you actually look at the stickied thread?

I’m looking at the first post but still can’t see it. Would you kindly ask again? Maybe third time’s the charm.

Make a post with your info. Separate threads don’t help anyone.

it helps to separate PC audience from XBOX/PSN audience.
console players dont give a damn about PC and vice versa.

Its in there, see the 4th post. You just have to toggle 27 spoilers to see all names, which is way tedious, an alphabetical list under ONE spoiler link would be better, Maybe shoot a message to the topic creator and suggest that for ease of use.

edit: the regional is slightly less clicking spoiler links, but just all names listed under alphabetical would still help

Do me.