SFxT Official Rules Set. This Needs To Get Decided Soon

So, it has come to my attention that the SFxT with all the DLC is going to come out to be around $200. Now this is still a rumor since prices have not yet been officially established. Also, it’s not certain that the DLC itself comes out to $200 or if that total includes the price of the game.

It was stated before by Mr. Wizard when the gems were announced that Evo would not be using gems. Not quite sure though if that rule is still in effect.

I own a game center here in Las Vegas where I try and house the fighting game community for the area. Now if I were to get the DLC I would need to get it myself for about 2 - 4 of my consoles. That would equate to around $400 - $800 just for a freakin’ game. Think about doing this for around 20 consoles at Evo. Now I’m pretty sure that Capcom will help the big guys like Evo, but what about the smaller ones of us that are trying to try and hold the scene up with the little pull we have.

Seeing people play around with the gems, it doesn’t seem like they really even make a difference in the game. Now these are just the default gems, who knows what the DLC gems will bring to the table. We really need to decide on something quick so we can start running our tourneys along with Evo. At the same time, please don’t throw our concerns out the window. There needs to be some middle ground we can all work on here…

-Tha Hindu

Ban gems completely or only allow on disc gems.

here we go again…need i remind people that we are still in day -2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s make life a hojillion times easier for everyone and do this.

Need I remind you that once the game drops we only have 4 months until Evo. Also, once the game drops people will be having week 1 tourneys. What, you want us to wait a couple weeks or months before we start playing the game like we need to be to practice up for Evo?

-Tha Hindu

Like the thread almost identical to this one…this decision is up to Mr.Wizard…
go look in that thread because people have been thinking out solutions to this same problem, just because the thread is here doesn’t change anything…I know we only have a short time before Evo, but that still doesn’t mean we have to make hasty decisions…

We will have a ruling soon.

Well, they’re all on the disc to start with!


I believe he meant that ban the ones that cost money (which I wholeheartedly agree with :razzy:).

-Tha Hindu

Whatever you do, I think assist gems should be banned.
Auto-tech gem is the worst offender. It just dumbs down the game, and makes some characters less viable (impossible to comeback for anyone who doesn’t have good damage from overheads and/or slow overheads). Auto-block and super-easy input can also get really stupid in many instances.
All from personal experience + watching videos + complaints heard everywhere.

Until a worldwide standard is accepted, I’m banning Assist gems in the Italian Fight Club events.

Good fucking luck with this shit.

Default or none at all.

Default sample sets or none. That’s the only way you’re going to save time. It then uses the same amount of time as Ultra-select in SFIV if you’re going to sample.

Even with the DLC tourney add-on, it’s still going to take more time than necessary.

I normally wouldn’t post in here but I am in agreement with the majority in here in that the gems should be either the default set or non at all.


when? so far no tournys are allowing gems or exclusive characters.

ECT, CEO and UFGT have banned gems.

What about adding a rule that has the winning team fight against each other 1 v 1