SFxT Ladder!

Hey guys , there’s a new ladder that opened up at Fraggednation. Where most of the competitive players will compete. The admin on the board stated that most of the players active would be getting there videos posted on youtube. Lol anyways just getting the word out there cause the big! Tourney coming by the end of june. So heres the link and check it out get the word out there it’s going to be big lol.


It’s a website where competitive fighters setups matches against each other

Please stop spamming this all over SRK.

sorry just sponsoring

i came in here thinking there was an actual ladder :frowning:

there is click to the link!

Come on people check it out!!!

A lot of players at SRK don’t really like competing online for obvious reasons. Also, the site doesn’t seem to list rules or anything.

This looks like it was put together by someone in their very early teens. No thank you, and please stop spamming it everywhere.

Seems official to me Lol,

check it out!!!