SFxT Gameplay Evaluation - Tell Me What I'm Doing Wrong




Alright, so because I’m tired of getting destroyed online on a regular basis (and there’s no one in my friends list that activity plays fighting games to help me), I’d appreciate it if a few people took a look at this vids of some of my matches and gave me their opinion on what I’m doing wrong. Please be constructive, I really do just want to get better. Or at least not be complete ass.

Apologies for the quality. Shot from my Galaxy S II sitting on a nightstand.

I already know that I:

  • Jump too much
  • Have no footies
  • Have no mix-ups
  • Use Sweep OS too often

First, I am NO expert. Not even remotely close. However, I see some areas in which you vastly need improvement.
In the first match, you seem to be throwing out too many unsafe pokes and not taking advantage of your openings. To correct this, my advice is to learn frame data for each character you use so that you know what moves are safe on hit and block, etc.
Practice combos a great deal so you can punish your opponent when the opportunity arises. Know when to use a combo, and when to use a single move. You should also learn to tag in and out safely, as you never used Julia in the first match.

2nd Match: Know your characters’ strengths and weaknesses so that your team works in sync with each other. Read match up info and know what strategies you need to implement in each match. You need a gameplan and the ability to read opponents and react should your gameplan go awry. Don’t throw out random pokes and attack too early while jumping. Once again, punish. If you get an opening you need to inflict as much damage as possible or get them into a set-up to your advantage or a mix-up.

3rd Match: Safe tags again. Learn to use your special moves, Ex moves to pressure, zone or react to your opponent. You didn’t use ANY of Juri’s Special moves. Cammy has almost nothing to attack with from long range when you have fireballs flying at her. The options she does have, can be anti aired on reaction.

Once again, I am no expert. I do read a great deal on FGs and have discussed/ask questions with High Level players. Some of the tips I gave are things I need to work on, thus they are easy to see in others’ games.

Do some research, use training mode much more and don’t give up. It takes time to not only know what to do, but to do it consistently and without errors.
Hope this helps.

1st video: Learn your spacing, Heihachi’s 2 hit combo (the one that hits overheard on second hit) is safe on block if you got proper spacing for it. Learn to mix up your opponent. Why didn’t you do anything after connecting with that j.HK?

2nd video: You’re letting the guy jump in you way too much, learn your Anti Airs, Heihachi’s cr.HP is a good AA. He might have more but idk, no clue about Julia. Also you do a lot of j.HK but only to follow up with a HK, learn better things to follow up with for more damage.

3rd Video: Man you got destroyed in this one. Rang has a good cross up move, use it (j.MP>follow up with a very good combo) Juri has one if not the best AA in the whole game. Learn to alpha counter < - > HP+HK during a block string. That would’ve done wonders against Bison’s pressure.

These are all things from just a casual regular player. I’m no pro but I do know my way somewhat around the game lol