SFXT Fightpad short review

Hey everyone I just bought the new SFXT fightpad for the ps3. I love it that it’s wired now, raised buttons, d-pad and more responsive shoulder buttons. But I’m having one big issue with it. They decided to shrink the size of it down from the originals and they shrunk it way too much. It’s somewhat uncomfortable for me to hold it and my hands almost collide. The smaller size also makes it harder to make inputs on the D-pad because my thumb stretches further in the middle of the controller. I can’t shift my hand to the left either because they made it smaller. Please bring this to MarkMans attention immediately. Gamers don’t all have small hands, honestly this seems to be catered to kids or Japan.

Id give it a 3/5 just because the size issue really makes it difficult for me to use.

PROS: Wired now for ps3, better responsive shoulder buttons, raised d-pad and buttons.
CONS: Smaller in size to the point of being slightly uncomfortable and causes d-pad inputs to be difficult.

Ono actually asked for the size of the SFxT FightPad.
That is why the size is the size now.

Ohnoes why would you do that. I can understand wanting less use on materials but it still has an uncomfortable feel.

I don’t know, but other people are liking the smaller size.
I have one myself, but I have not opened it to hold.

i havent used a pad in ages. i think i will stop by a gamestop or something and check out the size as it compares to others. what material is the d-pad made out of? still hard plastic???

Yes it’s still made of the hard plastic. I kind of feel if they had a slight curve on each corner section of the cross it would respond much better.

Best way to bring stuff to my attention is to contact me directly. Thanks for the review. I’ll make sure I share it with my design team.

Oh hey Mark I didn’t really want to message you because you’re busy and what not. But I also wanted some community feedback. I will try to make a video review some time soon. Thanks for stopping in.