This is a sample of my fan fic called SFX. It’s called SFX so people don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s the same ol’ Street Fighter. It’s much different. I’ve even replaced 95% of the cast with my own characters. Hence the name SFX, and not Street Fighter. Anyway, I hope you like it!

Long ago there lived Dragons that were spread out across the galaxy. They are beings of great power. One of these Dragons existed on Earth, according to legend.
Seeking this Dragon was a great fighter named Gouzan. Gouzan’s village was faced with destruction having been at
war for some time. Gouzan needed the power to win the war and save his village. Gouzan’s determination eventually led him to the Dragon called Duraj. Gouzan asked for the power to save his home. Duraj agreed to grant Gouzan power, if he could defeat the Dragon in battle.
Gouzan battled the great Dragon. Even though Duraj could have easily squashed Gouzan, he let Gouzan fight to his max. Impressed with Gouzan’s fighting spirit and power, Duraj allowed himself to be slayed. Then his spirit entered Gouzan.
Gouzan overflowed with Duraj’s power. Gouzan returned home infinitely stronger than ever before. He single handedly wiped out the opposing armies threatening his village and became known across the land as Shen Long, The Great Dragon.
Shen Long had many children in the following years. He tried to settle down, but the desire to fight burned within like a wildfire. Shen Long found opponents foolish enough to battle him and ripped them to shreds. He developed the perfect fighting style to harness the power within. He called it Shotokan. He trained his sons and daughters in the art of Shotokan. The great power within eventually consumed Shen Long and caused him to kill just to satisfy a thirst for blood. The descendants of Shen Long inherited the power of Duraj as well, however, none of them came close to Shen Long’s power. Like Shen Long, they too began to kill for pleasure and became know as Dragons. They were few in number, but overpowered normal humans. An
elite group of fighters among the humans emerged to fight the Dragons. They were called Slayers.
Not all the Dragons gave in to their killer instincts. The few that managed to overcome the dark temptation joined the Slayers to fight the evil Dragons. Battles went on for centuries until all the
descendants of Shen Long were thought to be wiped out. In modern times Dragons are considered to be just a legend.

As the story goes on, in the 31rst century, decendants of
Shen Long began to reemerge. Evil forces wanting their power also appear along with Slayers that have been waiting for the Dragons reemergence. Some Earth shattering battles are ready
to take place. Will civilization be destroyed, or will a group of 7 warriors be enough to save it.

Sho_the dragon of the storm


>>>Sho was trained by a man called Goutense. Goutense was the brother of Gotetsu. They were both trained in the true form of Shotokan. Sho eventually finds some kinda peace with himself and learns to control his hate. He is an extremely fast, aggressive, and powerful fighter.
Favorite winning quotes:
“What a waste of time. You call yourself a fighter?”
“Pain is weakness leaving the body. For your sake, I hope that’s true!”
>North Korea: Sho’s mother was homeless and gave him every bit of food she got.
She was too stubborn to accept charity and was determined to make it out of poverty without the help of anyone else. The same stubborness and pride Sho carries in himself. His mother fell asleep one night and never woke up. Sho was deeply sorrowful but would never cry.
The great master Goutense was on a mission to find a special student to carry Shotokan. He found a such a student. A homeless boy who made his living as a thug, taking what he needed to survive. Despite this Goutense was drawn to the boy sensing an incredible fighting spirit within him. Goutense named the young boy Sho and trained him. One day, Goutense met a challenger who was also seeking Shotokan’s ultimate power. He killed Goutense using the same technique he used to kill his own Master, as well his is own brother. Plunging him deeper into darkness.
Once again, Sho had his only family taken from him. The blood inside began to boil. He could feel his blood becoming black as tar. “What now?” he asks himself. Thoughts of innocent blood spilling fills his mind.
He enters street fights to satisfy his hunger for competition, often killing his opponents. Sho quickly made a name for himself in all of Korea. But with every fight the blood inside him becomes blacker and blacker.
One day while wandering the Korean penninsula, Sho crossed paths with a beautiful girl from South Korea named Syongsi. Syongsi had never felt a pressence like his before. She became imfatuated, falling in love at first site. She went home, but soon after announced to her parents that she was moving out. Why, even she wasn’t completely sure. Nothing made sense to her anymore since the day she met Sho. Somehow, she had to find him again!

Hazakuma Ryu

Ryu’s still the fierce warrior he always was. But I feel he has to have a certain edge. A few changes like, new gloves or some tats on his arms. He fights with his top hanging around his belt. When not fighting, he just wears it as normal or walks around in street clothes.

>Yuriko Hazakuma_ Somewhere in Japan, in a place called Dragon Valley. Where people rarely venture, there is a dojo. Where the true form of Shotokan can be found.
Yuriko was a beautiful young lady who loved the martial arts. She wasn’t afraid to go into Dragon Valley. She begged the great Shotokan master Gouken to train her. Gouken turned Yuriko away, and warned her to stay away from the martial arts and especially Shotokan, unless she was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. Gouken sensed great power in Yuriko, she had potential to be great. Gouken’s wisdom told him not to take her into the world of the Shin Shotokan. Gouken’s brother Gouki approached the young lady and offered to train her. Gouki promised his training would take her a step beyond his brother Gouki’s. Gouken knew of what was going on behind his back, it wasn’t his decision to make. It was Yuriko’s. As Yuriko trained under Gouki she began to feel a darkness taking hold on her. She didn’t understand what it was though. Yuriko faught beside Gouki when deadly warriors threatened his life. These warriors called him “Dragon”. Yuriko slowly fell in love with Gouki as time passed and they had a son. Their son had a fire in his eyes and a strong spirit that gave his father Gouki chills. Yuriko named him Ryu. As a few more years went by, Yuriko was with child once again. However, Gouki became more withdrawn from everyone. As more warriors calling him “Dragon” continued to pursue him, he became obsessed with power. His heart became black and he was willing to kill any opponent that crossed his path. Gouki dug up the old scrolls containing the “Dark Way of the Dragon.” Gouken forbid him to practice these but Gouki was deaf to his words. Gouken told Yuriko that she had to leave Gouki before it was too late.
Yuriko saw the concern in Gouken’s eyes and did as he wished. She left Ryu behind however for training and protection under Gouken. Gouki returned to the valley one night. A darkness
overcame the valley as night overcomes the day. Gouken could feel his brother’s evil filling the valley. Gouki searched for Yuriko but couldn’t find her. Then just as suddenly as he came, he was gone.

>Inner power_
Ryu grew under Gouken becoming a man, a fighter, and a warrior. He struggled along the way.
Ryu had great power within that was sometimes beyond his control. Gouken had never sensed such great power before, and it was only the tip of the iceburg.

>Best friends for the first time_
When Ryu was just 8, he traveled to America along with Gouken to compete in a huge tournament. He was going up against teens and grown men. Not just holding his own, but sometimes dominating. Gouken sensed another great power in the arena. It was like a raging fire. Where was it coming from though. As Ryu reached the semi-finals he faced an unlikely opponent. Another 8 year old boy. His name was Ken Masters. He had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and sported a crimson karate gi. Gouken’s attention was drawn to Ken. Wondering if he could be the one with the great power. Ryu and Ken battled with every thing they had. Gouken feels something has over come Ryu and he has lost control over himself. Ken is a furious opponent. He too seems to have lost control. Ken’s father looks on in awe. He never
realized Ken had so much power. Ken seems to be out matched though. Armed with only the skills he picked up fighting outside of school. He never really had any formal training. It shows in the way Ryu is able to control much of the fight. Still, Ken seems to be learning as he fights. As the old wharehouse begins to fall, and the crowd begins to evacuate, Gouken decides he has to put a stop to the battle. Gouken jumps in between Ken and Ryu, breaking the ground where he lands. Ryu and Ken fall over from the shock and look up at the old master. Ken’s father, enters the ring as well. He stands near the master Gouken and starts to ask him something. Before he can utter his question Gouken gives him an answer, “They are stronger than we may be able to comprehend.” Gouken looks at Ken and thinks. Blake sees much wisdom in the old mans eyes. “Can you shape him sir?” Blake asks. “My sons Ken has been kicked out of every school we send him to. There is something in him that we haven’t been able to controll. Fighting seems to be the best outlet for him.” Gouken replies with a slight smile, "Well, let’s hope so. He needs discipline. Control. I’ll do my best with him."
Ryu and Ken both traveled back to Japan with Gouki the next day. For the next 10 years they will live like brothers.


The Korean Beauty

Seoul, South Korea:

Syonysi Mya is a smart, beautiful, and fun loving college student. She has always been a free spirit! She, above all, loved to dance! That was it! Nothing else mattered to her. As a testament to her passion for the arts, she has trophies and awards all over her home. Her parents put more value into these trophies than she does. Her parents are very wealthy and very proud of Syonsi’s achievements.
> One day as Syonsi makes her way home from school. Then she crosses paths with a young man. Only catching a glimpse of him as they passed each other. Suddenly Syonsi’s world as she new
it was shattered!
“What’s is this feeling,” She ask herself. "why do I suddenly I feel this way?"
Since then Syonsi dreams of that moment, that moment her heart pounded like a 1,000 drums.
"I have to see him again!"
Haunted by these dreams Syonsi takes up another hobby, street fighting. Syonsi realized by fighting she feels alittle closer to the stranger.
For some odd reason Fighting also felt natural to her. Almost as if it was in her blood.
Syonsi fights anywhere and anytime she can. Months later, Word reaches her of a unbeatable fighter from North Korea. She travels there to see this fighter for herself but she was too late. He had already moved on. Syonsi continues her search. Sometime later Syonsi hears of a huge international Street Fighting tournament! This time the tournament would be sponsored by a wealthy organization and garauntee only the world’s greatest fighters would be competing. She knows that this will be her chance to find the mysterious fighter.

Winning quotes
"Oh no! Are you ok? I didn’t mean to hurt you so badly!"
“Wow! That was fun! Let’s do it again!”
“Grown men shouldn’t cry you know!”

Syonsi has extraordinary psychic powers hidden within her. That will surface in the battles against the powerul Thephos.

>Friends_ Chun Li (best friend), Sho (in love with him), Eliza, Ryu, and Ken.
>Rivals_ You Yeung Kim (Growing up in South Korea, You studied Tae Kwon Do. Her school was very small and the teacher was growing to old to teach much longer. But who would be a worthy successor? At age five You enrolled in his class and caught the sensei’s attention. As she grew, she won every tournament she entered. But then You got into a street fight with Syonsi on their college campus. You was handed a crushing defeat. Since then Syonsi has only gotten better.
You’s sensei granted her the title of master and named her as his successor. This upset You. She refuses to accept this honor until she has defeated Syonsi.
You was training one day when she was challenged. You sized him up and figured he would make a good warm up exercise. You recieved a royal a#$ kicking. You had never met such a fighter before. He was relentless like a wolverine. You felt helpless against his speed and stregth. He was everything You wanted to be! Since that day You had been studying his fights. Yung Kim now seeks a fight with Syonsi. She can’t be at ease knowing that Syonsi is making so much progress. You has a re-occuring dream: She’s running after Syonsi who is pulling further away by the second. But now, beating her is beginning to look possible.
You hopes that one day, after she’s beat Syonsi, she will find that one challenger again. After recieving his training, she will return to her dojo to take her place as sensei.)

Fists of the Dragon God

>Angel City, California was once called the “City of Fortune.” That’s when it was growing rapidly and had the potential to become the biggest city in the U.S. However, crime took hold of the city. The mafia, gangs, and other forms of organized crime ruled the city. It wasn’t a place for the timid businessman. One man that knew what it took to survive in Angel City was Blake Masters aka the Raging Dragon.
Ken Masters is the son of the wealthy street fighter Blake. Ken was a wild and energetic boy. There seemed to be no way to tame him. Even the schools had given up on him. Blake let Ken put his energy into street fighting. Around the
age of 8, Ken rebelled against his father Blake. A gang called the Red Vipers saw Ken’s potential so they recruited him.
Blake Masters was out of ideas to help his son. He had all but given up. Then Blake got word of a huge tournament coming to Angel City. He knew his son wouldn’t resist a chance to fight
in an international arena. Sure enough the day of the tournament came and Ken was there, with members of the Red Vipers behind him.
Ken made it to the semi-finals beating out the highest ranking martial artist in the world. His opponent, to everyone’s surprise, was another 8-year old boy. A japanese fighter named Ryu. Ken and Ryu faught with everything they had. The gigantic powers of the two youngsters rocked the old wharehouse where they faught. Ken found himself outmatched by Ryu’s skill.
The fight ended when Ryu’s sensei Master Gouken got in between the two. Blake pleaded with the Master to take Ken under his wing. Gouken promised to do his best to mold him into a great warrior, not just a fighter. Ken undergoes Gouken’s intense training in the mysterious and deadly art of Shotokan Karate. Ken quickly picked up the art and had adapted it to his
own offensive style of fighting. Ken had mastered his ki to the point that he could attack with fire. Even though this would seem to put him above Ryu in power, Ryu’s discipline and prior training always kept him one step ahead of Ken. Neither Ken nor Ryu wanted to be weaker in anyway to the other. It was this competitiveness that made them such great rivals, and friends.
About 10 had passed and Ken was feeling the call of Angel City once again. So Ken left the school to return home. Once in Angel City, he dominated the American Martial Arts Tournaments and reuinited with his friends of the Red Vipers. Now Ken would become the leader of the notorious gang and change the name to the Red Dragons. Not long after rising to fame Ken fell in love with a young lady named Elizabeth.
Ken faces Ryu once again in a new Street Fighting Tournament and suffers a tough loss. Ryu had become stronger and more determined to win; while Ken had become arrogant and carelessly underestimated his opponents. Ken now seeks to find that aggressive edge that once defined him. Without it, there will be no way to catch up to Ryu.


Elizabeth is the daughter of a wealthy french man who traveled to Angel City years ago.
Elizabeth became a famous teen model, however she secretly had a passion for the martial
arts. She took up kickboxing and excelled in the fighting style. She finally made her feelings about the martial arts known to her dad one day and he was not pleased at all. He didn’t want her to throw away her future as a model.
Elizabeth made the decision to leave home and continue her training. She loved the excitement and the challenge of kickboxing, that mattered more to her than modeling. Unknown to Elizabeth her every move was being watched. Her beauty had failed to escape the eye of Dr. Deviout, and he had been watching her with the cruel intentions in mind. One day, Dr. Deviout sent one of his cyborgs to capture Elizabeth. In her desperate struggle to escape something in Elizabeth was awakened. Power rushed out of her body like water out of a burst dam. Her captor was blown away by the surge of power. However the mighty cyborg managed to get back on it’s feet, attacking her once more knocking her unconscious. Dr. Deviout was in his laboratory watching through the eyes of his cyborg. Pleasantly surprised by the power Elizabeth had.
There may be another use for this beautiful girl!
When Elizabeth awoke she found herself submerged in a tank, trapped inside a collapsing building. The tank burst and she struggled to her feet to escape the building. Elizabeth wandered the streets with no memory of her past at all. Just an incredible urge to fight.


I’m working on eliza’s design still. So far, I like this look, but maybe she’ll have white hair, instead of blonde.


Chun-Li was trained in the art of Wushu by her father who mysteriously disapeared. Chun Li is determined to find him and become the strong warrior he trained her to be. She was under training to become an interpole agent but ran off to find her father in the middle of an assignment.
…I’m still working on her story…there’s going to be some serious conflict in her life. I think I’ll keep her father alive, maybe even in a possition of great power. Sorry I don’t have a drawing of her yet, I’m working on it!