SFV reversal move as wake up?

So when I get knocked down I have 4 recovery options:

  1. no recovery - char lay down for 1 second and than auto stand up.
  2. normal recovery - char stand up instant (u have to hold “down” or press two punches)
  3. back recovery - char move back and stand up instant (u have to hold “back” or press two kicks)
  4. to do reversal move as wake up

so I would like to know how do I do reversal special move as wake up? do i just mash it after I get knocked down ? or ?
If I have to mash it, and my special move is QCF punch motion, (like Rashid spinning mixer) I get critical art :frowning: and I don’t want that

please help. I am new to SF.

Timing and input accuracy is what you really for reversals. Mashing, as you stated, can result in unwanted moves like supers to come out because your input probably was read as QFCx2+P instead of just on QCF motion because you probably did do two as you mashed. If you have USF4 you can try reversals as a charge character like Guile, Chun Li, or Decapre. You can’t mash out their reversals (Flash Kick, EX Spinning Bird Kick, and Psycho Stinger respectively) because you need the down charge.

Or alternatively practice not mashing on wake up. Record a training dummy to knock you down so you can practice your wakeup options.

Only his ex move is invincible so it’s his only reversal. I think if you mash with the triple punch button or with 2 buttons you’ll always get the wakeup move and not the super (since it only requires one punch).

ok guys, I think I got this one. So there are 2 options to get proper wake up reversal special move in SFV. (after knockdown)

  1. after knockdown, for example; after you get hit by cr.HK (the moment before your char hits the ground) press 2 punches for “normal recovery” (char will instant wake up) and than input special move command, u will do reversal.
  2. after knockdown, don’t do any recovery (don’t press anything) and your char will auto wake up after approx 1-2 seconds, and than input special move command at the very first frame on the way up, and u will do reversal.