SFV Question: First attacks and reversals

I have been unable to find any explanation of the benefit of obtaining a “first attack,” or achieving a “reversal,” (not a V-reversal) in SFV. Can someone please explain the benefit of each, as well as what leads to a normal reversal?

Thank you in advance.

First attack is simply that. It means someone landed the first attack of the match.

A reversal is when you get a move to come out on the first frame either out of block stun or on wake up. Both are disadvantageous positions and nailing a reversal means you get to stop your opponents pressure.

There is no actual benefit to landing the first attack, the “First Attack” accolade showing up on screen just means you (or your opponent) landed the first attack of the round. That’s all.

It’s purely for flavor. They’ve been doing it since SF2.

Thank you PSYCH0J0SH and d3v. That’s what I thought re “first attack,” and it’s disappointing. I was hoping it would at least give a meter advantage from the outset as some sort of reward, similar to Netherealms.

In older games landing a first attack would actually grant you more points for the scoreboards. In some other games like MKX the person who gets the first attack also gets a free gauge.
In SF5 it is probably just a nod to the old times.

The “First Attack” can be very useful for landing a single-hit confirm in the second round when you have full meter. As soon as you see the indicator you just let rip.