SFV PC 48$ GreenManGaming

GMG has a 20% off coupon(global)


exp nov 26th.

Has anyone used this place before?

I am new to them and just wondering if they have any special programs/clients to install,
…or do they just give you the game and you are good to go with steam?

There is no client or anything. They sent me a steam code the only time I bought something from them.

You get a steam key, put it in steam and you’re golden.

That’s almost their lowest, site sometimes has 23-24% off vouchers, or sign up for their newsletter and they randomly give you a 30% off voucher by email sometimes that’s how I got mine for $42.

Its now down another buck 46.80 total.[left][/left]

PC version back to 46 on GMG

Wtf is with GMG? It asks me for my playfire pw so I make a playfire account. Then the playfire acct asks for my GMG password and when I type it in it doesn’t work.

Green man gaming
sorry about that

great deal, 23% is the highest discount ive seen. beta mini test ran great 4 me too.

Greenmangaming has SFV for 45 dollars today

Is there any promocode I should use? Its showing full price at GMG… But on this website us.gamingrocket.com has it for $45.95. Anyone have experience with that website?

sorry here is the promo code: 25PERC-2016GM-WTHGMG

comes to 45 even with code.

Just pre-order it here: http://www.kinguin.net/category/17743/street-fighter-v-steam-cd-key/
At time of posting it’s sitting at 35$ (Scroll down for better prices)
The price fluctuates a bit on this site though so if you feel like you’re getting a good deal jump on it I guess.

Kinguin btw, for those who don’t know is an online shop that has been around for quite some time now.
I’ve used them for years now and never had a single issue if that means anything to you.

They are a bit like and automated ebay for CD-keys so be careful who you buy from.
Almost all the stores on kinguin are very reliable, but every now and again you’ll find an individual selling a key so that’s something to keep an eye out for.