SFV P2P VS Relay help, please

Hi all, Im sure this question is well discussed but searching does not lead to a solution. Not sure if there is one so Im asking, my apologies if this has been well hashed out already.

Basically my IRL brother lives about 2 miles away, and a good friend lives a bit more. When playing SFV we routinely run into the relay server and have a terrible game, we have all forwarded the ports:

TCP: 80, 443, 20002, 30840, 30850, 30870 UDP: 30840-30859, 30870-30879

in our routers, have dropped our firewalls and are all on decent current gen i7 PC’s with either AMD Fury or Nvidia 980’s, all three of us are on Virgin media and the least bandwidth is 100mb package (about 5mb upload).

Is there anything we can do to avoid the relay? I see no reason why “a PC would be struggling to negotiate a P2P connection” out of us, and when it is P2P its a beautiful game, relay is a horrible experience.

Is there a config file where we can force p2p or something like that? or is it possible to block the IP for the relay servers?

Please, if there is anything we can try, let me know.

PS tried running steam as admin also. We are all on Windows 10, 64bit.

Noone has any words of wisdom here? I can play the same people on SFIV or skull girls flawlessly. But on V, 3 out of 1 match is horrific.

Currently having the same problem, we both have good connections which works flawlessly on other games but since the season 2 update we keep getting a 2 bar connection and the relay server so we basically can’t play together, in the very rare instance that we get the p2p connection its flawless. I can’t find any solution to this online apart from the port opening but we’re fine on that front too. Why is the relay even a thing? It hasn’t been present in older games and stable matches never come of it anyway.

Well, it would appear its just you and I :confused:

Me and a friend I used to play with frequently had the exact same issue, it was on his end. He port forwarded and IIRC that fixed every issue we had, we never get relay servers now.

I don’t have any advice if you’ve already taken those steps, you’ll just have to set the lobby to FT10 and wait until you get P2P randomly or something.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll double check his ports are forwarded correctly.

I recently tried setting up a static IP and port forwarding, but when I tested them at a website they turned out to be still blocked.

Now I’ve turned off Windows firewall entirely, but I also switched some cables or something too, and anyways voila, now I don’t get lag anymore.

Windows firewall in 2017 smh.