SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevilJin moving to Mortal Kombat 11

I’m only there for story mode and fatalities. Then peace out. Hopefully they can do more this game. MK9 was actually a better game than MKX was, so I’m hoping then focus on the actual fighting more this time.

Anyway, here is a cool video I found


Hey everyone, I wanted a new name (for everything really… I got ‘KingCrimson’ from a band I don’t really listen to anymore, and ‘OldManRage’ is just meh), so my new username is PlusFrames. I like it. It sounds good, has relation to fighting games, and I’m a pretty big dude in real life so it fits.

For the meantime my CFN is still OldManRage and linked to my PSN of WhoCares1984. I created a new PSN (PlusFrames_) but will likely use it more for other games. I’ll keep my old PSN reserved for SFV and just pay to change my CFN ID.

@DevilJin_01 please keep my KingCrimson account active for the time being. I have a few PMs from you and others that I’d like to refer to.



That’s too bad. In the Court of the Crimson King is still one of the best albums I ever heard.


Me too. It may actually be the first game I’ll pre-order.

I’m actually going to give MKX more of a chance too… I know I’m contracting a post from a few days ago, but I do like it’s approach to neutral more. It’s a little more defensive orientated, while still having explosive offence.

Plus, for the last month or so, I’ve been putting aside a lot of responsibilities to get good in SF and I need to straighten up a bit. I honestly don’t think I’d mind just playing online matches for fun, with less emphasis on ranking up. At least for right now until I get some of my shit under control.

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It’s a fantastic album. I like Red a lot too, and well, most of their albums really.

I’m a bassist and Greg Lake and John Wetton were both beasts, but I’ve been listening to a lot more hip hop and funk lately, shit that grooves.

Nothing against them though, just into different things today. I’m sure I’ll be blasting 21st Schizoid Man in a few months again.

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Those abs almost sold me Smash. Almost.


Is that Samus? Why does she look so…off?


Read that smash brothers ultimate has one button supers that instant kill and are unblockable!!!

Is this true? Lol.

She looks like she always has in Smash Bros., more or less. Face seems a bit plain and they nerfed her boobs but otherwise it’s the same thing.

She looks completely out of place next to the very ‘realistic’ version of Ridley they used though. If you didn’t know any better you’d think they came from two different franchises.

a some point nintendo decided to turn samus into a hooker

the original samus was billed at 6’3 200 pounds in nintendo power

now she’s like 5’2 90 pounds


The disappointing thing about this is that all of it was the series’ creator’s idea. 25 years ago he wanted her to be strong and independent and today he just wants her to be his waifu.


I would have gone with King Diamond






The only thing that’s changed about Samus is her hair color



King Crimson is ALWAYS good.


Little cheesecake ending things ain’t effecting the truth son.

Here is her official bio

before the weebs took over


Exactly, fucking revisionist history. Samus is 6’3 and 200 pounds with her suit lol. Fuck out of here with that nonsense bio. Shit never made sense.

I don’t like sexualized Samus :frowning:


It says in the text those measurements are without the suit, so originally she was supposed to be some kind of superhuman à la Master Chief from Halo. Technically she still is but visually she’s no more than an athlete now and looks about ten years too young.

That said I think the design works for Smash Bros. and the cartoony visuals of it.
But I hope the new mainline game ages her up a bit and makes her look more realistic. Always liked her in Metroid Prime:


The “Weebs” were the source of the height and weight information.


That is where that information has come from. Now I haven’t unlocked Zero Suit Samus in Smash. And if you have and she’s shorter than Solid Snake, you are right and I am wrong. Samus has always been a Wonder Woman amazonian style character. Tall, beautiful, and fit.

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I agree that with you. I prefer her Prime iteration best. IIRC Samus was enhanced with Chozo DNA. So with or witihout the suit. She’s more physically capable than regular mooks.