SFV Juri matchups thread

Lol no Honda in this game - yet


Guile and Zangief are the biggest pains in the ass so far for me. Seeing as how both can seemingly kick back and just obliterate you if you approach them. Ate so many PD’s from Gief and from a shitty one at that, got really annoying. If Guile decides he’s going to turtle the whole game, I’m not seeing a way to really get through; tried shimmies and baiting the V-skill but he kept solid.

VS Birdie - Try to keep a charged vskill at all times, it punishes any attempt at eating or drinking from full screen.

Laura is the funnest match up I’ve seen so far; it’s a pretty good back and forth. (Mainly cause I play rushdown and stay pretty close the entire time)

I find Baldog turtling difficult as well. The only luck I have had is with pokes

So I’ve just discovered that Zangief can literally jab you to death and there’s zero you can do about it. You can’t jump over it, you can’t power through it, even if you exchange his jab for something; you’ll likely take an SPD on your recover. (The blind salt is real, but seriously the fuck can you do about a turtle gief jab fest?)

Thank you Capcom.

Yeah, it’s absolutely awful trying to play the Zangief matchup. I have no idea what Capcom was thinking here. There’s seemingly nothing you can do. It’s just so rough.

S.LP and S.MP beat it clean. Use S.LP when you want to stay safe and keep him in check (like when you’re under pressure). Use S.MP when you have a good feel for his timing; EX Fuharenkyku can be buffered and Heavy Fuharenkyku store will work with both options.

So taking a look at Zangief’s Cr.Lp vs us and as already stated, it’s pretty rough. That doesn’t mean the match is in his favour as we can certainly play that patient/lame game vs him. I feel we have to constantly moving and not stuck in one position. Using Juri’s speed is the key here. Trying to figure out the risk/reward for using B.HK as an AA vs Gief and it doesn’t seem worth it. One wrong guess and you’ll lose a ton of health. Best to stick MK DP. Regarding Zangeif’s approach to us:

Keep a look out for that common reset which ends in RBG. The string is Cr.Lp, St.Lk XX RBG.

St.Hk whiffs on crouchers but his hitboxes are superior to our for footsies. F.HP can really blow up our attempts to play footsies against him, VS also. So play patiently, use QCF+LK+release sporadically. Once that’s on the screen he has to give a certain amount of respect to use.

Cr.Mp is a great poke vs Cr.Lp for whiff punishing. St.Mk too.

It’s better to trade AA then let him get in for free. Always have MK DP on the ready.

(Charged) St.Hp gets beaten clean by QCB+HK

How are people dealing with a rushdown Balrog? In the corner, his dash punch is completely safe on block. st.MK and st.LP doesn’t seem to work to get him off of you, and jumping out isn’t really an option. His normals seem to completely shut mine out.

Zangief’s c.LP is really overrated. The hurt box on it is huge and this game has a priority trade system where you will beat it clean on a trade with any medium or heavy.

Soda can goes through low release :xeye: :shake:

Today was my first time playing against cammy. I sorta got rekt so if anyone have any advice to share in this regard I would appreciate it.

Vs Bison -

Stand jab and Neutral jump punish all his dash b.s.
V-Reversal when you’re getting pressured by non stop normals.
Do NOT let him get away with that fraudulent target combo on block. EX Fuhajin.

Have air target combo on deck if they are doing air shenanigans. Beats a lot of her stuff. Charged V-Skill is good against her V-Skill too. Have crush counter combos ready to make them know they can’t dp you for free.


K I know I’m being retarded, but seriously. These Chun Li players are only doing one combo over and over again and I don’t really see a direct way to shut it down without a high risk EX pinwheel. I’m talking about the jump into instant legs, into what looks like cr.mk and blah blah. I’ve played several chuns today and these guys act like this bitch has no other moves. What am I missing here? (Like I said EX pin works well, I don’t think mk is doing the trick)

I need to see how you’re getting caught, but st.LP should beat out the instant legs before she can get them out. If she’s not doing it from a blocked c.LP or c.LK, you should be able to backdash and LK Fuhajin that.

What is the matchup vs Alex and rashid

Right now Guile and Ken are giving me the most trouble. I have an easier time with Ken but Guile feels almost impossible. Any advice?

Punish booms with qcb+lk or hk depending on distance. You’re gonna have to eat chip on booms walking in, can’t avoid that. If you can react fast enough, negate the booms with a store. Can’t stress this enough, but DON’T jump in on Guile due to frustration. You can jump in for a cross up to screw his charge timing but other then that, you want to play the ground game with him. What I found is that the first round will really determine how the other ones go. One Guile has EX at the start of the round then it’s gonna be a pain in the ass.

Hey @SonicLionheart you got a source for that AV?