SFV: Dash Cancel ( dash to dash )

Hey all,

I feel like I have observed something when practicing my dashes, and I wanted to ask if it is true. I am referring here to standard dashes from a double-tap of the stick left or right ( not a command dash ).

Basically, when I am dashing it feels like I can cancel my dash with another dash. That is, if I quickly input the dash motion twice, I will start a second dash before I would normally end my dash.

Why does this matter? It matters because I am trying to learn my dash timing, and I want to know if that timing is different when I am ending with another dash, as opposed to a normal. I assume that all normals become available at the same time after a dash.

Can anybody confirm or deny my findings here?

This has to do with the input buffer and transition frames. In some cases if you mash dash your second dash will visually start before the previous dash ends.

The input buffer also allows you to input your next move several frames before you can actually do it.

OK, but is the buffer length different for another dash than for a normal? The timing feels different to me. I feel like I can do a second dash way sooner than I can do a normal button ( if I press a button at that time, nothing happens, I need to wait longer ). Maybe it’s just my perception though…?