SFV 25% off flash sale on PSN 4/30-5/2

Just a heads up the regular and deluxe editions are both on sale on Playstation Store until 5/2.


So kinda giving away the season pass. Not sure how i’m feeling about this.

There’s really only three ways to “feel” about this. Either:

  1. I have the game already or don’t want the game and don’t care.

  2. I don’t have the game and yay for sales.

  3. I already have both the game and season pass and didnt get them on sale, boo. (i.e. tough shit)

Any other 'feelings" you may have are irrelevant. If you come back with some gripe about how they are giving away the seasons pass, you’re just the stereotypical millenial crybaby I’m assuming you are with a comment like that. :wink:

Haha, I’m a professional in my 30s and work hard for my $. Opinions are welcome but you can keep the insults for yourself.

Not an opinion, just stating facts. If you are indeed in your 30s, that just makes your first comment even that much worse.

Oh and let me explain as well here why I’m making this comment.

I think it’s ridiculous when someone states a simple thing like a sale price on something, and people like you “feel” the need to “share your opinion.” Then when you bring your age and job into it like it actually adds some weight to your statements or something, it always makes me shake my head. Guess what, I can do it too! I’m 43 and it saddens me to think it only took a short decade for people growing up to think their opinions actually matter all the time.

Basically what I’m trying to say is, noone gives a shit what your opinion or “feelings” on a simple sale are, because it doesn’t matter one way or the other. Feel free to make comments like you did, but also be prepared for the fact that noone actually gives a shit what you think, specially on some internet message board of all places, and may very well tell you that.

Good day sir. :wink:

Hey PJ! I brought my age to answer your wrong assumptions (ie. “millenial crybaby” insult). Welcome to the world of discussion forums. It seems you do care and I thank you for that and for your opinion. :slight_smile:
Have a nice day!

Wow, what a stupid response from PJ.

It’s unfair to early buyers to reduce the Season Pass even before all the content has been made available. Especially at this point in time where the Zenny store doesn’t work and Season Pass owners get the same stuff everyone else is getting for free. Except for two Premium outfits. Hooray.
Could definitely see why some people would be slightly annoyed by this.

Seems it also only took a decade for people to forget how a discussion actually takes place. I blame the twitter. I guess there’s a reason it starts with the word “twit” after all.

Okay, after some thought I apologize. When I mentioned a simple sale, and you brought up your feelings, I should have been a gentleman and offered to hold your purse for you.

pffft… so people who paid top dollar for the season pass can’t be salty because the game has been out for 3 months and it’s already on sale? Who got your panties in bunch?

Wait for a sale and look for better paying work if sales got you some type of way. You know what you get for paying day 1.

Yes, an advantage and/or early access to content. The only thing falling in that category Season Pass holders got until now are two premium costumes. Everything else they paid for (two characters) is free for everyone.

And a stage.

You won’t shell out fm or real money when/if the zeny shop happens for the dlc characters either.

Yeah, but since that point in time hasn’t arrived yet, you could have just waited until this recent pricecut. Everyone expected the Zenny stuff to work with the Alex update but it’s not even working now. So everyone who bought the Season Pass before this pricecut is pretty much labeled an idiot by Capcom.

Maybe it’s just me but I think those Passes shouldn’t be part of some special deal before everything they include has been released already. On the other hand I could also be happy about it because I detest Season Passes and stuff like this will definitely prevent eople from buying them early in the future.

It’s not new or unique to Capcom, games go on sale really quick.

It’s not only you, for some reason people who buy day 1 don’t like it going on sale. We’re at or near 3 months in now, it is a normal time for a sale wrt games.

Not buying day 1 is a good idea for any game with the current model of fixing and adding later, consistent underestimating server load issues and price drops in 3 months. There’s nothing cool for day 1.

bought ps day 1, got pc and season pass week 2 because i wanted it and had money

WOW, what a fucking tool. Take a day off man…life’s not that bad. The old ladies at CVS will bring their coupons to someone else.

This sale has been finished for over a week and only on srk can people bitch about it the entire time