SFIV Vega(Claw) anti-air options

I’m a new Vega player and I’m having trouble punishing jump ins. I know Scarlet Terror is a good option but I always seem to go under them and wiff. Which kick button has the best trajectory to punish jump ins? Also is there a normal that works well for anti-air when I don’t have a charge?

Standing roundhouse is a decent anti-air at the right distance. Same with Crouching Fierce. You can also use neutral jump roundhouse if you’re quick enough or if you predict their jump in.

Vega’s doesn’t have a solid go to move for beating jump-ins from the ground. Instead, he has a number of different moves that can be used depending on the situation. Flip kick is your best bet if they are jumping in sloppy, but jump back fierce is great for beating a lot of jump-ins also.

Jump back/forward fierce is a good anti-air up close.

Jump forward strong will beat most everything if you meet them mid jump.

Airthrow is a great anti-air for most any jump-in you see coming

Vega has no shoryuken type move to beat jump-ins while waking up, and nothing to really punish deep jump-ins with certain characters. Your best bet on wakeup is usually to block, but don’t be afraid to experiment. EX Flipkick beats somethings you wouldn’t expect like Ryu’s jumping Roundhouse.

Just block Sagat’s jumping midpunch. The elbow move. Vega doesn’t have any move that beats it from the ground or in the air once it is out.