SFIV Team South Bay

I hold private casuals in (310) Torrance near El Camino College. Drugs are not allowed. I made this thread to keep in touch with the SoCal SRK community. Our matches are uploaded at: www.youtube.com/TeamSouthBay

The members are:

resres (Abel)
SlicPic (Sagat)
ArtRuiMem (Viper)
AltCtrlPwn (Balrog)
Ark Impulse (Chun-li)
JoontheBaboon (Ken)

We are associated with:

“SFIV Valley Domination”: http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=218174
"Don’s Arcade Torrance/Southbay": http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=226535

Please leave a message.

Joon, sup, dude, it’s Raul (bald dude with the meds…lol) the other Guile player @ Destruct1ve’s. I’ll def roll to the next session man, heard it was hot shit last night.

Team Sex Break.

First page post to show my love for the south bay crew :wgrin:

I cant wait to watch those vids when neal get’s 'em up

Hey Joon, long time no see man, I want to see your brother play viper I hear he’s mad crazy now.

You guys got wacky names.

Hey it’s Don

I just wanna say that if it doesn’t conflict with any of your sessions, SFIV Team South Bay is always welcomed to my Friday gatherings. I met some of you guys at some of my gatherings. All of you are really cool. Come back when you can.

our own thread huh? sweet.

Yeah, it was cracking friday night. Renso’s hosting it so he’ll post here soon.

Thx man. Neal said he’ll start uploading them tonight.

Hey Josh, long time. Yeah my brothers been killing me lately. Let me know if you’re around the area.

lol we got real names too Sanchez. Thx for posting.

Hey Don, thx for the welcome. I heard the same. I’ll see if I can make it out there with Neal, E-mon, and Jason.

I would join…but I dont play sf4 anymore:xeye: maybe when super comes out :wonder:

Prepare for super by playing SF4!! =D

beastly team you guys got going there. too bad you couldnt make it to valles tourny… shit was awesome.


it was epic.

Speaking of epic:

Nice avatar.

EDIT/UPDATE: Jyeaah videos uploaded:

You can find em at: http://www.youtube.com/TeamSouthBay

The first set of the Team Tourney is up now, the second set will be up later tonight.

The top 8 from the singles tournament will be up tomorrow around this time.

Maybe I should :bgrin:

Yeah… I wanted to see how NorCal’s play. Did anybody win $100 off Alex Valle?

Nice. Sick opening logo and intro: “Let’s fight, like gentlemen.”

You should get up in SF4 man. It’s only going to get bigger with SSF4 coming out.

from what i was told, both juicebox abel and richard nguyen were able to beat calipower, and claim 100$ for there effort.


Niiccceeeee!!! You guys are awesome :tup:

Alright South Bay. You guys are all Legit, great games at Renso’s place on Friday. It was fun. So you guys finally have you’re own thread to represent, that’s good stuff. Good looking out to Neal for posting the vids. Good work guys.

good shit on that logo jason! except the valley side should have a giant honda with everyone else on his back… cause I had to CARRY my team :rofl: