SFIV @ PlayStationHome

Famitsu has revealed brand new Home content based on Capcom’s upcoming games, Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5. SFIV will receive a post-release patch that will allow players to meet in Home and then jump directly into a Street Fighter match.

In addition to game launching, Capcom will also sell costumes to wear in the Home world. This isn’t the first time Capcom has released Street Fighter costume DLC on a PlayStation system – LittleBigPlanet also features a handful of premium costumes for purchase.

Capcom is also developing a Resident Evil 5 game space, which looks remarkably like the game’s opening level. Here, players will be able to congregate and participate in various RE themed events. We’re not sure if those events will involve eating other Home users alive, but we hope so.

(Credit Joystiq.com)

Sounds like a good idea to get some decent matchmaking.

I got into the open Beta for home…went on it in the beginning and thought it was okay. I’ll definately be going on it if SF4 will be available for quick matches.

To me the beta was decent. I do think it would help its popularity with all the extras, would love a ken or balrog figure in mah crib :lol:

…I’m still pissed that sony actually wants me to pay for in-game furniture and clothing.

Didn’t know which Home thread to use, but I think this title attracts more attention. We can sorta launch SF 4 now on Home. I tried it yesterday but my Ps3 resetted. Haven’t dled the new DLC to see it works now, I’m at work atm.

This is not to take away from the Irc or AIM match ups, but this could be used as an alternative if done right.

lmao yea that’s horrible.

I do love going on and beasting in some pool and bowling though. Their chess players are definitely low tier.

I’ve tried this whole game launching feature in Home but no ones want to join my games. In fact i’ve never seen anyone host a SFIV game with Home. Im sure this will change when the SFIV space is released, but in the mean time in which space do u guys hang out?

IMO, PS Home is a great way to meet some SF players that don’t frequent or know about SRK.

Game Launching works good and you don’t need to add someone in order to play them.

PS Home could be an excellent place to have players meet up and chat in real time for casual/online tourney matches.

I’m very surprised more SRK peeps don’t use this service.

You can earn free clothing and items from SF4 (5 Different shirts), as well as other games such as Resident Evil 5 (action figures). You don’t have to buy anything at all, but the best stuff is usually earned or bought.

If you haven’t been on Home for awhile, there are various outfits for a number of characters to dress up your Avatar with. Currently they have costumes for : Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Guile, Blanka, Honda, Dhalsim, Chun Li, C Viper, Sakura, Gen, Dan and Zangief. Endless outfit possibilities!

If costumes aren’t enough, you could also purchase action figures for : Ryu, Ken, Guile, Dhalsim and Chun Li.

See you in Home!

where does everyone meet up to play matches?

We don’t really meet anywhere. When I see someone in Home, I just “Go To” them, bs a little and then eventually play. This can work wonders because the friend’s list is limited to about 100 people.

I’ll try and think of a system that could work involving many players that want to play, but not necessarily have to add people to their already full (?) friend’s list.

I found a few people to launch SFIV with me in the Bowling Ally. It pretty cool :D.

Anyways i think we should use the Bowling Ally to meet up because its got an old school 90’s feel to it. Plus you can shoot some pool and relax after the intense SFIV fights :smiley:

i’ve played a few ppl so far by using the game launch. i’m usually in the poker room with an orange sf4 shirt lol. I hope they make a sf room soon.

Wanna set up matches within Home? Check this thread please! :