SFIV - Akuma Combo Expo (Trailer)

Hi guys,

Blazt The Speakerz and I made a preview video displaying some Akuma combos in our next upcoming SF4 Expo. Please see below for the video link and check out the description for more info.


This is a preview trailer for the next Street Fighter 4 Combo Expo focusing on the character Akuma / Gouki. Both CSVagrant and Blazt The Speakerz performed the combos and edited the trailer. The music used in the video was customly made for us by Phlie Beats and can be downloaded on our website.

Links to vid:

YouTube Link:

FightersEvo Link:



No disrespect but after all anime footage and music it was kinda disappointing

I dont know what u were expecting, its a trailer. I thought it kicked ass.