SFIIHD comparison Xbox PS3

I have both versions of sf2hd for the 360 and the PS3. I can’t help but wonder if the players on the 360 seems to be extremely easy to fight against and mostly the community seems to be using ryu, and akuma very often. When I play on the PS3, there’s a wide variety of different characters chosen by the ps3 community and they seem to kick ass harder. Besides I usually don’t get that annoying mic spams on xbox live. Is it me?

i thought it was the opposite

Nope ps3 has way better competition.


Damdai, Valle, jumpsuit, DreamTR, sabre are all on Xbox to name a few. I have both systems, 360 is way better performance-wise and competition-wise.

even the menus lag on ps3 lol.

lol sad but true

For people using a joystick, or even a proper ‘fighting pad’ it won’t make much of a difference, but for the masses that are stuck using the standard controller, of course the PS3 is going to allow them to play better given that it has a much better dpad.

Something I noticed is that when I play on PS3, I’m fighting mostly against Ken, Dictator, and Honda. When I’m on 360, it’s all about Ken, Ryu, and Akuma.

But yeah both have pretty good competition, just ps3 has the shittier performance/menu lags. =[

Mine don’t. The menu goes smoothly for me. i wonder why I’m not having an issue with lag?

^ I guess the connection quality is different for everybody.

Why is this in Tech Talk?

That’s true, I really don’t have lag issues on PS3, but I do get disconnects (before the match starts) and the health bar glitch. To me the health bar glitch is the most annoying glitch in HDR since it requires me to quit the game entirely and restart it.

I only own the PS3 version, but the only people I see online are Ryu and the occasional Akuma. It gets really boring.

I’d say in my experience, PS3 games are better in regards to player skill. Too bad that version only works for me 15 percent of the time.


huh, that’s weird. When I log on I see diverse characters played.

anyway, I’ll have to admit, the disconnects and freezes gets old quick, though good percentage of the time it’s not too bad. I usually get solid 2 hour sessions going in a single room. (played late nights)

Hope they release a patch soon. Love hdr. Just wish it worked without the glitches.

It’s not due to connection quality at all. The menu system just simply lags all the time. I think it’s only occurs most while you’re trying to change your options? Well, somewhere along that line.

It lags for non-1P controllers.

I think you’re doing it wrong. On the 360 play some good matches with the headset on and make friends. Invite them to a player match and cut up while you play. I can easily kill an entire afternoon like this.

I’m probably in the minority in that this is about the only game I’ve been playing on a regular basis. I like making friends who hand my ass to me because you can talk strat. It wouldn’t be nearly as fun without the headset.

Oh, and get a stick for 360. The dpad is trash, etc. etc.

I have the PS3 version and mine never lags so I don’t understand why yaw are having these issues.
The menu and everything goes smooth for me.