SFII Talking Bank - Need mod ideas

So I’ve had this SFII Talking bank for about 20 years or so… Anyone have any ideas for a mod?

I’m thinking of turning it in to a little portable, I think I could use a Gameboy SP but it’s not exactly a strong platform and a psp wouldn’t fit the dimensions.

If anyone knows a platform thats small and can handle mame = win.

Dimensions 14x6x5


Mini Laptop like an ACER.

Drew up a plan last night, I think all thats going in to it is a small monitor then I’ll do a laptop in a duel fightstick.

How large is the screen? You might be able to fit a Neo Geo Pocket in there. I know it’s even less powerful then the GBA, but you could get SNK vs Capcom on it. :wgrin:

Up to 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 if I’m willing to do some cutting.

It’s so old the arts peeling and I suspect will come right off with no damage so I can re-apply and adjust. I wanted to do a little touch up on the art anyways.

The plan as of now is i’m going to build a stick with a laptop/shuttle board on it and use this as head piece with a monitor in it. Load it up with MAME and call it a day. (Arcade-in-a-box build)

My only dilemna is whether or not I do a single or dual stick build.

I’ll post a build log as it’s done but I have some shopping to do for this one.