SFII: Hyper Fighting - Best home version?

I would really like to play this classic game, but I want to know which home version is closest to arcade perfect.

As far I know, these are the available ports:
Xbox 360
PS2 (part of Capcom Classics Collection: Volume 1)
PSP (part of Capcom Classics Collection: Reloaded)

I think MAME is your best bet. You can use your arcade stick with it.

There was also a Genesis version which was part of Special Champion Edition (which contained both CE and HF).

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Unfortunately, emulators are out of the question for me. It’s a personal conviction of mine.

Ah, yes! I forgot about that one. Although it’s a moot point since my Genesis went to the scrap heap a long time ago. >_>

Me! :smiley:

Aside from FBA (MAME is too fast, unless they fixed it), there really isn’t a good home version.

I have it on PS1 in Street Fighter Collection 2. Only problem is long ass load times but apart from that it’s fine. There may be inconsistencies with the arcade version but I’m not aware of any.

I haven’t played the xbox 360 version but aparently its good minus the bad netcode (some swear by it so maybe I’m wrong)

but all the other ports are pretty bad, the version on capcom classics collection 1 is the same as the ps1 version which runs WAY too fast. I honestly don’t think a good port exists, even mame runs it too fast. I am a little outdated on my emulators but I know the version of FBA that comes with ggpo (go into the ggpo directory and open ggpofba) runs the game at the fight speed.

If both people pick HF or ST characters in the anniversary collection is it not close enough to HF and ST respectively? Why? What makes it different?

Im going to go ahead and correct you all, PS1 version is the best Hyper Fighting home version it’s also used and emulated for the xbox 360 version over xbox live arcade.

Mame Runs to fast and FBA Isn’t smooth runs poorly.

PS1>Runs Smoother and Better, then any of them and is a perfect clone that im aware.

That sounds like it would work in theory; as long as the game speed is set as close as possible, you could make Hyper SFII work for HF and ST. Can anyone test this?

I have already tested this over FBA and XBOX Original and Mame, It doesn’t run at the same speed or smooth consistency like the PS1/360 Port did

Fuck yeah Boomer Kuwanger, other than that I have absolutely nothing of value to contribute to this thread. Carry on.

Thanks, cammy! I’ll get the 360 version when I feel like buying it.

LOL Thanks. I always loved his intro pose 'cause I thought it looked like he was at a disco. Not too hard to figure out where I got my username from now >_>

By the way, do you know Brett, D-bus?

The only Brett I know I haven’t seen in years and to my knowledge doesn’t play street fighter at all.

Yeah, why bother? SSF4 is obviously the only fighting game that exists.

Speed 1 with HF characters is pretty much the same as real HF. ST is almost the same, except SSF2/O.Sagat (you can select both) has a 45 frame recovery on his low tiger, making him essentially worthless (which you may or may not consider a good thing).

I see. In that case, I’ll just get Anniversary Collection, since I’ve also been wanting to play 3rd Strike for the last few months.

I have HD Remix on my 360, so playing a good version of ST is a non-issue; I’ll just fire up Classic Mode. Thanks for the heads-up on O.Sagat’s Low Tiger, though.