SFAC w/ HAPP stick and buttons and Darkstalkers LE Saturn Pad PS2 for sale

Hello everyone,

Up for sale is my SFAC stick, happ stick and 8 happ buttons:


110$ plus shipping (original box will add to shipping, no poster)


a Darkstalkers version PS2 Saturn pad (no box, cards, etc):

pics coming

90$ + shipping

payment by paypal only and shipping domestically. thanks for looking!

I’ll take the damned Saturn PS2 pad since I can’t help myself. :bluu: Send over your PayPal info and I’ll get you paid when I wake up.

woot thank god. hopefully kyle will be less competition in my pursuit for a black one now =p

haha well met me send you pics first thing tomorrow and you can confirm. thanks!

Yeah, I would have preferred black as well. I definitely won’t be buying another so have at it if anyone posts another. Your only concern should be if the condition on this one is iffy. :razz:

How Can you sell that SFAC. I have mine and I love it. It has all iL parts and pretty soon it will have A white IL stick from ponyboy. Good luck selling. I would Have picked it up If I did not have one already.

My guess is that he either needs money, has moved on to a Jap stick, or doesn’t ‘play as often as he used to.’ I have two of these now and they’re my favorite stick. Best of luck with the sale.

True. A weird thing about me is that I can play on american and jap sticks. it depends on the game. MVC2 i use my iL stick and for CVS2 i use my sanwa stick. I know I’m weird, LOL.

Its a combination of car registration. getting used to japanese sticks, and not liking the circle gate on the HAPP. If I could change the gate, i might keep it.

Kyle Ill send you some pics of the controller today and you can decide.

As long as the cord isn’t chewed up and the shell/buttons are okay I don’t think there will be any problems. It just needs to be in good working condition since I’m spending money I shouldn’t be.

the cord is fine and it functions great as I just tried it with some SF4. It has been used and carried around a bunch so the smooth surface has some minor scratches. Unfortunately I wont have access to a legit camera for pics until sunday maybe.

If you are still interested PM me with your address and Ill get you the info

Sunday is fine for me (closer to payday :smile:). Just shoot me a PM whenever you have pictures. Thanks.

SFAC dropping price to 115$!

what kind of stick is in it?

I’m interested in the SFAC, since it’s 115 now but my question is, How much would the shipping add since shipping is extra, I live in NY area code 11561, Also is it modded at all for mc, or just ps2/xbox.

Pretty sure at that price it’s standard ps2/xb …

Obviously Happ competition…

yup Proverb is correct. I might be interested in a ps2 stick trade depending on the type, but I am mainly looking for cash. Kyle I’ll get you those pics tomorrow.

I’m in no hurry. If I get it I’ll need to pay on Friday thanks to my lawnmower crapping out.

SFAC stick price lowered to 110$