SFAC Stick Parts for Sale?

I was wondering if they sale the parts separate. I need the button wires because i planned on changing the SFAC stick to a happ competition stick. The reason why i ask for the button wires is because i removed everything and my mom ended up throwing the button wires away so i only have left is the xbox/ps2 cord, and the stick wires and all i need is the button wires. any one know where i can get those parts?

Wire is wire. Radioshack.

Any wire of comparable size will work, and you’ll .187" disconnects. Which can be bought cheap at any electronics store, i recommend radioshack.

In case you didn’t know, the original connections on the stick wires will fit the happ perfectly. Only the TINY disconnects on the stock button’s wires will need to be changed. Good luck, the SFAC mod is an EASY job normally. I have no idea what the hell you’ve done though or what you’re missing.

Also the MAIN button wires should not even be able to be “thrown away” as they are directly connected to the PCB. I hope you didn’t go and needlessly cut the crap out of everything…

Also each button will require 2 disconnects each. One for PCB button commands and one to give power to the microswitch. Which all 6 or so buttons will be linked in a continuous “daisy chain” to that single main power source wire for the buttons.

im just missing the wires that connect to the buttons. I have the xbox/ps2 cord that mini green board that connects everything together the wires and switches for the stick but not the wires or button switches that came with the happ buttons because it was thrown out on accident by mother

sorry i ment PCB when i said mini green board

shit that’s fucked up. so you only have the PCB and the cord.
do you use the stick on xbox or ps2?

Then just go buy some wire and quick disconnects… like the others said already.

I use it for xbox live and all i have is the stuff you mentioned and the stick wires but not the buttons wires. I plan on buying the rainbow wires at radio shack but do you know if they sale that plug-in part that goes to the PCB thats for the buttons?

No they don’t, you can solder the wires in to the PCB or just go ahead and put a DS PCB. If you do that I will Trade you my Dreambox adapter for you Cord and PCB.

well imma try and do some work with it since i just bought some wire but ill let you know if im not able to put everything back to sum what normal!