SF4: What are the easiest characters to play on a pad?

Who are the easiest characters to play on a pad in the original Street Fighter 4? I am on PC so I am waiting/hoping that Super will come to PC.

Charge characters and Shotos

Why would charge characters be ideal? That doesn’t make sense. Pad players, for example, had problems executing the rush upper on a pad in vanilla.

I think it is better to think of it in terms of attacks or techniques that aren’t ideal on pad, like Kara-Throwing.

and obligatory Fei Long

Damn! Beat me to it.

Charge characters are easy on a pad. Especially Balrog. Rush uppers are slightly harder to do, but that comes with practice, and cr.lp cr.lp cr.lk xx headbutt ULTRAAAA is as easy to do as ever.

I used to play Balrog on pad and I had no problems with rush upper.

Zangief is mad easy on pad as well.

Really? That’s the consensus? I was going to say the exact opposite. Charge characters are harder to me on a pad.
Then again… FightStick TE has made sure I don’t use a pad anymore.

What makes Fei Long easy to play on a pad?

Someone doesn’t get the reference. :rofl:

M Bison (dictator)
Chun li once you got short short ex legs down

maybe Vega

Balrog is an easy character to begin with, and objectively easier with a stick. D/B on a square gate anyone? And I have already given the example of dash upper on pad.

It isn’t the consensus. What about Honda? Can pad players do jab to hands on a pad as easy as a stick? Or at all?

If you look at tournament pad players the vast majority aren’t playing charge characters.

For Fei, Inthul explained on the latest Wakeup SRK podcast why he believes that Fei is very pad friendly.

If you are going to spout shit in here give --examples-- like dash upper or jab to hands.

I used to play Bison and Vega and pad and had no trouble whatsoever. Managed Balrog for a little bit but he bores me rigid (Plus he’s ugly :lol:)
Charge characters are very feasible on pad.
'Gief, and I found characters like Gouki are very easy on pad provided you can get your two-button hits down for his EX DP and stuff.

I listened to the podcast, I get it now.

Who is considered to be the best pad player?

There are pad Viper players, I was one of them, as well as that arguably the best Viper in Europe is a pad player. Anyone is feasible on pad so just pick who you wish to play, not who is the easiest.

Probably shotos, as their easiest to play with period. Besides the whole inthul/pad long thing, people (and some Fei mains) were saying that Fei Long is easier on a pad… I don’t know that I agree. It could be all subjective, preferential, anecdotal etc. I don’t think there is an objective case for that either way.

To clarify what I mean with my first sentence, I mean to say they have simple special moves movements, that is all.

You can piano on a Mad Catz pad just like you would piano on a stick if you use your index, middle and ring fingers to hit the face buttons.

I think charge ultras/supers are a lot harder to do on a pad than quarter circle ultras/supers.

Whoa, whoa, WHOA!
Slow down there Cochise.
Nobody, least of all me, spouted any “shit.” I was simply expressing my surprise that so many chargers actually made it to this “easy to pad” list.

And as for your want of my “–examples–”, I offer none.
I was under the impression that people here played Street Fighter and, thus, would already at least know the difference between what a “charger” is and what isn’t.
I do hope I’m not mistaken, friend. Just don’t put words in my mouth.

LOL hey sorry I meant the spouting shit to everyone else. You were one of the only ones who made sense.

I agree completely, charge characters are not ideal to play on a pad. However, many SSF4 charge characters are easy anyways, so it isn’t too tough.

Why are (many) charge characters easy on pad?

Rog: Because cr. lp cr. lp cr.lk xx headbutt, ultra1 is easy to do on a pad. He has no FADC combos, no kara moves, no mash moves, nothing that requires you to push lots of buttons quickly. Rush punches are easy. Overhead, cr.lk xx headbutt is also easy on pad.

Chun: Short, short, EX legs is easy on pad, because after the first short mashing on lk+mk will get you another short and then EX legs. She also has no FADC combos, and EX legs to Ultra 2 is easy.

Dictator: short, short, scissors isn’t any harder to do on a pad than on a stick. He has really good normals and pokes, so he doesn’t need tough link combos to do well.

Basically, these characters have b&bs that are easy to do on a pad. I can’t imagine trying to do Ryu’s cr.lp to cr.mk link on a pad, or kara throwing with ken.

I’ve been playing exclusively since I got SSF4 on my dual shock 3… .and I haven’t had any trouble with any of balrogs inputs. He’s pretty pad friendly o_o.

Shotos are a good start too, if only because they’re fairly simple motions in general.

But I can’t think of any character you can’t play at at least a basic level on a pad, everything else comes with time… pick what appeals to you.