SF4 Vanilla on xbox still alive?

I am planing to get a copy of vanilla SF4 out of curiosity and just for the fun (I started with AE).

Is the game still alive on xbox and in Europe? Thanks so far.

C’mon, nobody has the game and can tell me ???

I’m on it daily between 6 and 10 pm gmt, plenty of player matches, you wont go a round in arcade without someone challenging you. A fair few ranked matches, but championships are hard to find though. Gamertag: TooFarSouth if the lobbys quiet :slight_smile:

Yeah nice okay, got a copy from Ebay!!

congrats! see soon!

okay got a copy now. Arent there any good players online at all ??? I only encountered totally beginners the whole day, I am from europe. I mean I cant expect the same competition as in arcade edition, thats for sure, but arent there any good players that want to play the classic sf4 a little bit that started it all?
My opponents where all bad, wakeup ultra and wakeup srk the whole day, even after I blocked them every time, not a single opponent could hitconfirm the lightt attacks into special moves !!! FADC moves ? not a single one!!
It was so frustrating :frowning: .

My gamertag is : Pr0ph3t85 , add me if you are from europe or better, germany.

You playing Ranker or Player? Player seems to be all newbies, but there’s still a couple of tough players in Ranked :slight_smile:

I just ordered one two days ago with the fastest shipping. Hopefully it arrives tomorrow! My Gamertag is: KikoKT