SF4 Ultra Freeze and Charge Moves

Does the unblockable ultra freeze phenomenon potentially interrupt back charges for the one frame that it’s in effect?

No, but I’m not too sure if I understand the question.

But for reference, if I’m Balrog and a Ryu does his ultra fireball, if I’m not charging down, I can start charging once I see the ultra freeze and will be able to headbutt once the game unfreezes. So no it doesn’t interrupt charges, think of it as real time, just like as the game clock runs down during ultra freeze.

Not only that, you can actually begin charging when the ultra starts and counter-ultra before the ultra animation ends.

edit: Wait, you mean during an unblockable ultra setup?

I have no idea.

Sorry for the vagueness.

I’m basically curious as to what happens when you input the moves at the same time. The engine obviously accepts simultaneous ultra inputs, but sometimes it feels like when I enter my ex psycho crusher at the same time as an opponent’s ultra, my move doesn’t register. It feels like moves that use down charge, such as ex devil reverse, never get interrupted by a simultaneous ultra input.

Considering that the ultra freeze causes an unblockable, a situation where holding back is nullified, I’m wondering if for that one frame your back charge is also nullified, making it impossible to input a move that uses a back charge.

Esoteric stuff.

Well some like bison don’t give you enough time to charge your ultra (where he say “Scream in pain!” it’s not long enough to charge) but someone like Dhalsim’s gives you enough time.

I understand your question. I have a feeling it must. I would test but its really hard unless you have a programmable pad to do it on the same frame.