SF4 TE stick showing all buttons pressed when holding a diagonal

Hey all,

So today I add a PS3 only cthulhu chip to my X360 TE stick. I used a solderless method as the cthulhu has screw terminals, and I was able to use cat5 cable to tap the U,D,L,R and ground via the white plug on the PCB. Info was found here
When I use the cthulhu on the PC or the PS3 everything works fine, but I noticed when plugging it into the PC and going to the controller calibration, if I hold any 3 buttons down on the controller and push the joystick in any diagonal direction, it basically shows ALL the buttons being pressed. The stick only works on the DP mode not the LS or RS, when plugged into the pc. When I use it on the 360, the same thing happens , if i hold any 3 buttons down, and hold a diagonal, it brings up the menu, almost like its hitting all buttons, and the start/back button is getting triggered.

I’m really at a loss at this point, and have spent all day with it, so I’m hoping someone here has some ideas. one last thing to note, I am using a totally different usb cable for the cthulhu so I have one for that, and the original for the xbox.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Well a bit of an update, I decided to remove the solderless connection for the joystick and everything went back to working normal on the pc/360.
I guess at this point, I can splice the wires higher up in the middle instead of jamming them in by the white connection. My only question is guess is, should I be using the ground from the joystick to go to the cthulhu, or should I get at it from somewhere else. I’m also assuming that the 2 rows of terminal blocks are for the LS and RS? im not sure why the buttons need 2 connections, im just adding my wires on the same side of each button so they are all on the same row of the two terminal strips and they seem fine.

Thanks again.

One row is Signal for Buttons.
Other row is Ground for Buttons.

You can use Ground from anywhere you want.
The whole thing is Common Ground.

Well even after splicing the wires, the stick still responded the same, acting as if all buttons were being pressed if i held a few down and pushed the joystick in any corner.
I suppose the last thing I can try is to actually solder it, i’m not sure that it would behave any differently but I’m willing to try it.