Sf4 te 1 ps3 stick

I bought a ps3 stick thinking it would work on my laptop just fine. but then i couldnt get it to work, i went online and alot of people told me it doesnt work on pc due to issues with the pcb or something. so i basically have been sitting with it for a year. then a guy on fightcade told me that he uses the te 1 ps3 stick just fine on his pc. and all he did was download a xbox360 driver, and it works fine for him is this true? has anyone tried this? i dont wana go through trouble of doing it if its a waste of time.

Using with what MAME? STEAM? as mouse/keyboard?

It all really depends on which motherboard you are using on your PC. An Xbox 360 driver download most likely won’t automagically make it work. You’ll be facing a PCB swap of (from cheap > expensive) a Zero Delay Encoder, or up to a Brook Universal Fighting Board.

This topic has been covered a bunch times in the past:
Lots of info in that link. Happy studying. :smile:

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i plan t use for fightcade

hmm damn looks like im gonna have to sell it or rip out the sanwa stick and buttons and use on my mayflash stick i decided t buy

You can still the empty te shell if you do decide to take that route.

as suggested go with a zero delay board, can be had for cheap and already has qds/wires. Or you can probably find a ps3 Chthulhu for dirt cheap

also, depending on the model of mayflash, there could be some heavy modification required to make sanwa parts work in it. v1 (all black buttons and black balltop, no switches in the control panel section; http://megahappybiscuit.blogspot.com/2012/10/mayflash-universal-arcade-stick-review.html) = modification required. v2 and later (blue buttons in most cases, switches in the control panel section; http://www.mayflash.com/Up/day_160115/201601151447013342.jpg) = sanwa parts swap right in.

i was told the mayflash v2 and f300 were easy as fuck to mod the buttons are for sure u just take out old and snap the new buttons in but the stick requires a 5 pin connector

That was the idea.