SF4 SRK Team Recruitment

As stated in other Post this thread is for finding players remember only need 2 but 4 is prefered

looking for 2 other members i have a solid Sagat and hours for games are flexable

do we have to be realllly good?

Who wants to start a newbie team with me.

no this is to make you better while getting in some good competition

you should consider sending a PM to the poster above you

I am down. I use Sagat. I am decent.

Well you wanna team up with me also Sagat sometimes Feilong ?

You want to get a quick game in, Nightkid?

not at the moment its 12:20 AM here about to call it a night before i regret it in the morning

I’ll join the noobie team if wanted. I’m usually on all afternoons and weekends. All of it. :(…

Im down, I want to play people better than me

im up for it. i only use Ryu. just add me on xbox and send me a msg where u from at least lol

id love to get better at my game and play and meet some good ppl.

im down for this, send me a friends request

the 3 other people from my team should be registered on here tomorrow so when they’re registered, we’re good to go

nightkid, u have my interest

i play a decent ryu and guile hit me up for some games

well thats a good thing

and come on people once we get at least two teams we could start

I’m Down. :nunchuck:

Night you on my friends list for Xbox so hit me up man I have a pretty decent Balrog and need to get in some games with a Sagat player so I can level Rog’s game up.

Gladstone - got your friend invite and accepted - I oughta be around later tonight, like 9ish EST. I’m not that great, but I’d be happy to play with you folks and get better.

Since there’s no multi-person lobby, what do you guys do? Just party up into a massive party and then invite down the list game by game?

In any case, yeah - let’s rock some SF4 :wink:

acctually that was what i was planin:wow:

but it works until they realese the champion update that the only way to keep tabs

sure let me know when