SF4 Online Problems (Unable to create/join sessions)

hey all. i had this problem last night. the night before that everything worked fine. i fought online for quite a while with no problems. but last night when i tried creating matches it told me something like “unable to create session” and when i tried to accept an invite it told me something like “unable to participate in this session”. i was able to play other games online though. i played in 2 different locations each night, both on wireless networks with 100% signal strength. could there be something weird about the 2nd place’s connection or what?

oh ya i installed the game already too.

all i got is 1 red bar ppl when searching or creating a room, always ever 3 guys and the 3 with 1 red bar, and i got that message yesterday too, so annoying.

so did the message eventually go away or what? did you just keep trying over and over?