SF4 now at SFSU!

Sfsu rack n cue got sf4, let’s go!

Ill be there at 5.

Damnit!!! I gotta wait for someone before I head out. :crybaby:

I played at sjsu yesterday for 75c a play. I hope sfsu is not 1.00 play

What’s the set-up like? Someone take a pic…

aghhh sf4 is spreading like a discease or disease not sure how to spell it

I will be there Friday. See you there suckas!

Sweet. There this afternoon. =)

2 LCD side by side, American 360’s(?)

Too nice:pray:

BTW nice to see everyone there, had to leave early but that game is too much fun! My VIper is gonna get ran over when people get good but for now I’ll enjoy my wins :x

I’ll be there early tommorrow and get some games in before my 3:00 class, I gotta go to my folks house over the weekend so I’ll see whoever goes to KSII there on fri.

Dang. Might have to roll through tomorrow.

Dayum, wryyyyy?! D:

what the hell happened to honda, his hand slaps don’t dash forward anymore, and his headbutt is so slow now… SSF2T honda was so cheese, damn, this makes me sad.

Its part of the game. its not going to change. adapt, or perish. :karate:

I say let Honda perish. What a dumbass character.

EX SPD is retarded :frowning:

sup guys i was at sfsu thursday and friday gg to everyone ill be up there alot more at least untill our local arcade gets sf4

Is it open today? if not who’s down to play. i can travel.

i dont think its open today?> but if it is im down to go

I’m almost there. i’ll let you know.

I’ll be there after class tommorrow.