Sf4 Ken Ultra glitch

Not really sure the best place to post so this will have to due

Turns out the opponent can be hit out of ken’s ultra, that leads to weirdness.

After I made that video I realized I should have tried this

Some of the things I was trying to show on the first video are hard to see beacuse they move so fast so I made a bunch of stills.

Nice! It’s so crazy how many animation frames Ken’s ultra has in slow motion. If this was 2D, he’d literally be moving at 2fps or something.

I think this thread should be moved to the SF4 forum. It’s a really good find.

that is awesome. every ultra should be able to glitch like this haha.

This is hilarious

Wow…that’s really good.
Is the content from the PC version?

yes I am using the PC version.
If you time the super just right for some reason it doesn’t use up the super bar.

this is what will happen if you pull it of in a match.

That slow motion vid is both hilarious and beautiful. Very awesome.

These are awesome finds. I’ll probably try these glitches in a real game on the 360 next time I have friends over.

i like how in the match, ryu is just seizing away like he got hit with those electro pumps for those people who are having heart attacks

um ,that is very wonderful !

Wow, nice find!

I like the track in the first video. Reading the description I also found out more about doppgangers. Coo’.

@Victormaru the best way to do it manually would be fadc the fireball and use ground ex hk to cross the screen. I didn’t do it that way because not all characters are fast enough to run away from the ex hk. El Fuerte should easily be able to run away. Or gen can probably jump away in crane stance.

Can this glitch be applied to any other situation perhaps? Can any other character mess up their ultra in some fashion like this? I’d assume not since Ken’s fireball is so slow.

now find one with blanka

I have a feeling gouken can probably do it but his fb is so fast. Goken has a lot of ways to get across the screen quick, dp, ex demon flip, air hk
If you do a fb, fadc, air ex hk, the hk can actually hit the opponent before the fb but it has a lot of recovery. Having the opponent use a move like yoga tower that lets the fb go a little longer might help too.
I think gouken will eventually get ahead of that fb.

@eltwopee if you give blanka an autocombo ultra and a hadoken I’ll give it a shot.

lmao I liked the second one Ken is slow mo whilst Dan waves his arms about :karate:

Lol I like that music, dling the EP. Thanks for the lols

haha was funny, i liked the music as well

Crazy find.:tup: