SF4: Here's my problem

I practice in training mode. I try out combos and ways into ultras and supers. Then I go online and get destroyed. I think I’m at 600ish points online and I can’t get past that. I’m not putting other plays on their back heels during a match.

I need a better way to practice. Does anyone have a suggestion besides look up combos and the best player vids online and practice some of their ways of punishing people.

Play offline matches with real people who will kick your ass and give you advice on how to do better afterwards.

Street Fighter isn’t about landing combos. You need to learn how the game (and your character) are played. Read up in your character’s forums about what you should actually do in a match. I can’t help you any further because you didn’t post what character you use.

find good players that you can talk to and that wouldnt have a problem analyzing your game and help you out. The SF community isnt full of dicks and some of us even have Mics! Lol

Firstly who’s the character that you play? Secondly, you need to work out how you’re getting damaged in the first place, bad blocking, bad spacing/zoning(They jump in alot on you and you can’t block it due to a sweep, fireball etc), trying to atttack and getting counterhit, you missing combos?

Now this is a bit hard with the little information you’re given but generally you need a gameplan. You can’t expect to win if your gameplan isn’t solid enough to net you wins else than your opponent playing really bad, basically not making mistakes that give you easy damage, punish, anti-air etc. Some gameplans are knockdown and pressure(This is pretty much rushdown.
Start learning knockdown setups, aka okizeme, what you can do after knockdowns is highly important). Depending on your character it might be good at zoning(Anti-air and fireballs).

Blockstring properly, if you’re getting Reversalled , thrown, or even normal attacked/specialled, make sure you’re chaining and not linking. Linking means any timing mistake you make in your blockstring you’re going to be punished. Also the nature of linking makes it so you can get DPed, make sure you’re chaining and the execution is clean. With blockstrings you can stop it at any point, usually they last 2-4 chain hits, incase they’re trying to reversal you, then start it back up again if they’re not attacking. Learn to counter what they’re doing if they’re stopping your blockstrings in its tracks.

Don’t try anything you’re not capable of, combos will come out in training room, but your reactions timing and focus won’t be the same in the real game, you either need to practice and fail in game until you can do what you do in the training room in-game, or stick to what works and practice “winning” against players than “improving in execution and what not”. Sometimes you can’t anti air effectively if your goal is to win rather than just work on your anti-air, then just block or use an anti-air that’s reliable(eg Ryu’s C.HP is easy to do compared to Shoryuken) and really easy to execute. Sometimes its better to play safe than to go for damage, damage opportunities will always present themself, it’s alright to miss a few compared to getting hit whilst doing so. Again the difference is between improving yourself and playing to win here. It’s good to try and improve your execution but at times it’ll cost you a game or alot of health, work out what your goal is here. With time you’ll improve.

TBH you can probably beat players by just chaining lights attacks if your character has good ones, throwing, and pokes, anti-air and ultra/super setups. Doing combos and what not are going to cost you games until your get them perfected and hit confirmable on reaction. Maybe stick to simple combos until you can truly pull off combos like 90-100% in training room on both sides say 10-however many times in a row.

Just work out what’s costing you the game, and working out how you’re suppose to get more damage is highly important.

Sorry, my bad. I play Ryu.

The biggest problem is I’m not taking advantage of people’s mistakes, and I find myself playing THEIR game and not mine. If we’re both waiting for the other to make move, it’s always ME who tries to rush down.

Would anyone play me a couple times online to see what I’m doing wrong? I don’t mean on the regular, just once and to give me your feed back on what I’m doing wrong.

instead of practicing combos on a dummy. record the dummy doing stuff and practice punishing the dummy

Ok try to understand your limits, when you’re new and well many people anyways, if you have to walk to them and go to them you can get hit by not only walk up there but when you attack, it just provides the opponent with a surefire way to attack you unless you are really confident in blocking against stuff like Honda’s headbutt, blanka’s rolls, zangief’s green hands etc when you’re gaining ground on them for whatever reason, bad examples but they should make sense. Sometimes it’s best to stay put if you’re at the zone where your fireballs are unsafe and you can’t really reach them, i feel quite awkward at this zone too at times.

Again i’d have to see you play, but with fireballs you can control your zone by throwing slow ones, if they block, jump or fireball back real late you can dash forward/backwards, or LK.Tatsu, you can do the same with the faster ones. Working on just what you can do to control this zone helps ryu when he gets stuck not being able to rush down.

I live in australia so it’d probably be really bad ping, but i’d give it a shot now, In-game name is Fwafaw(Sigh at the name, i didn’t know i was setting the name at the time…) for GFWL, to just see how you play.

what i tend to do sometimes is i go to training and set it to CPU and set it at its hardest mode. Great practice and you never die.

whenever I play super hard CPU they just spam ultras over and over

This is terrible advice. Don’t practice against a computer, computers are a combination of ridiculously unfair reflexes yet incredibly dumb tactics.

ya playing the computer is not a problem. It’s very predictable.

Practice combos and excecution against the computer not tactics. As other have said find out what the reason is your losing then work from there. Are you getting hit by the same stuff over and over? Go to training room set record then practice against that tactic and find ways to counter. Also the biggest thing I see new players do is not properly block, they always want to mash out something even as theyre being hit and combo’d!

So I’m practicing and now I get messages from people along the lines of “fuk you” or “go practice”

If you’re near West Coast and have Xbox, I can do a few rounds and try to help. Feel free to add me.

People tend to be like that, the usual random player you’re most likely to meet has little respect for your starting-but-trying status and a bad attitude in general play. More invested players will tend to give you enough respect to make getting through the transitional stages a little more like fun, and definitely make them pass faster. Online is a good start for that, but if you can find a local gathering it’ll be a lot better for whatever it is you’re trying to get out of it. If even then the people you play are telling you to fuck off and meditate under a waterfall for a couple of hours, most would assume there’s either a confounding variable in there or you’re playing with people who teach from the school of hard knocks, which some at SRK are at least trying to reform.

If you’re going through all these options and you find none of the people that you can possibly play with are doing their part to make the experience enjoyable, you’d certainly be a stronger person than me to push on.

srk h is jump ins punish with ex fireball or ultra
or if hes playing footsies than play BETTER footsies

I never get hate mail

even when I perfect people

I feel like I’m missing out.

Can you please elaborate on what you meant by you rushing down your opponent. Exactly what does that consist of and what do you consider your options are when up close? It would help people help you if they knew exactly what level you are at, not “600 points”.

Rushing down means using things like knockdowns to get up in their face to keep applying pressure. Constant strings of attacks that are difficult to counter. Some characters do this better than others.