SF4 Gameplay Video Link Thread

Match vids? Great!
Combos and random gameplay oddities? Bring 'em on!
Vids of emo nerds whining about the color of Guile’s wife’s hair? GTFO.

Lol, nice.

Hey can Akuma combo after what I assume is his command move f+FK (the one where he lunges forward and does two kicks; it may be a target combo)? It looked like he could in a couple gamechariot videos i saw.

What, why would you get rid of all the discussion and videos in the last thread just because of a page of crappiness? Just delete that guy’s video if it bugs you so much.

Should do what dustloop does, turn that locked video thread into a “video discussion” thread, and this one to a “post your videos ONLY” thread. Just delete non video posts in here …maybe

Ehh… there was a lot of good links in the other thread, hate to see it die over a page of lame posts… oh well…

Gootecks posted some new matches on his site, http://www.gootecks.com. I was watching them a bit earlier at work.

since everything is in the other thread here are some helpful links



Xeromos also posts Gamechariot videos on his youtube channel, subscribe to it!



(the new videos show up on the bottom instead of the top, so it goes old=top, new=bottom)

(This is the redirector for any nico website, copy and paste that list above into the redirector, then take the links from that

ICD-3 linked this in the last thread as well, I’m not sure if its vids from the other TRF link but hey, its a link with SF4 vids


**Game Sakura

**Nohoho linked this in the last thread

(there are some vids there as well)

(This has matches as well but they usually start around 12:00am ET and end usually in the morning, its not the best quality but its something)

Note: They have a HNK stream link on the page as well if anyone is interested

**Korean SF4 Stream
**(Thx LAUGH!)


It’s usually up from 10am till close around 1am Korean time.

I didnt feel like going through the whole last thread for any more links so if anyone has anymore add them joints.

Good idea, Magus. Let’s keep the discussion to the old thread and the links here.

Also, many thanks to archetype and haunts for listing some of the more important sites.


“Street Fighter IV” plugged into Nico’s search engine. Should be able to find most of the new vids as they are uploaded if you just click on that link every once in a while.


Thanks to Kai for the heads-up.

New trailer(TGS) in HD now

Sakura and Gouki vids up at IGN.


Check out Street Fighters crazy booth from TGS

New Gamechariot vids: http://www.gamechariot.com/08frame_main.html

sorry to step on someone’s toes here but it’s fucking stupid having 2 different threads about videos. Whatever everyone’s problem is - everyone needs to get over it.

For now i’ve closed and unstickied the other one.

Derek Daniels


for those of you who didn’t see it yet- akuma’s extra clothes (2nd match)
looks like an evil butterfly XD

New trf vids up and some other dude named kuuronn/ putting up really solid matches. (on nico)

ok i took the site the gives links nico to watch w/o an account, and put in japanese “street fighter iv” in there, and there you have it: