SF4 Europe PSN IDs

Since theres an Atlantic and California thread thought i would make one for people located in europe to help me and others find good connection matches online.

Just post your Psn ID in this format so players can add you.

BP(Battle Points):
Time you play:

PSN: xT-SolDi3Rx
Location/Language: English
BP(Battle Points): 5k
Main: Balrog, Learning Rufus and M.Bison
Time you play: Anytime during the night, you might catch me in the daytime aswell ^^

As or if the thread gets bigger il post the psn in list format.

8k balrog. The PSN: Da-gankinator. alot of effort

PSN: jee1112
Location/Language: London, UK/English
BP(Battle Points): 1k
Main: Abel, also play some Guile and Gen on the side.
Time you play: Random; mostly during evenings or at night.

**PSN: **edmundsiew
**Location/Language: **Scotland, UK/English
BP(Battle Points): ~4k
**Main: **Ken, learning Sagat
Time you play: Pretty frequent, but not so much at the moment due to exams. Will still on mostly during evenings or late night.

I see 2 hardcore Balrogs in here!

PSN: Skryba
Location/Language: Portugal/english or portuguese ^^
BP: 1500 (hahah don’t have the patience to play unknown ppl in ranked matches xD)
Main: Vega (claw), Gouki, Fei Long
Time: Mostly at night, but also sometimes in the afternoon.

Hey T-soldier :wink: how ya doin. Hit me up for some more matches tomorrow or something ^^ your balrog’s getting really strong from the last matches we had!! :smiley: I’ve been learning Gouki as well now, so I’d really love some more bouts :wink: really great matches btw.

PSN: minimize
Location/Language: Romania/English
BP(Battle Points):~4.5k
Time you play: aternoon, evening…depends.

also xT-SolDi3Rx i believe i remember playing you, not 100% shure though.

**PSN: **Purge8
Location/Language: England/English
Main: Ken (still learning)
BP(Battle Points):~2k
**Time you play: **Mostly Evening and Saturday/Sunday Mornings

Location/Language: Bristol / UK (English)
Main: Balrog (Boxer)
BP(Battle Points): Fluctuating (ie, I am crap)
Time you play: Weekend days and some evenings

New to the game and ‘srs bns’ fighting games, and lose a lot, but slowly getting better and awaiting the delivery of a proper stick which should help me out a lot.

PSN: GodRax
Location/Language: Granada - Spain / Spanish - English
Main: Gouken
BP(Battle Points):~4.7 k
Time you play: at night mainly

PSN: nstalkie
Location/Language: Leuven - Belgium / Dutch, English, French
Main: None yet. Currently playing a lot with Abel. May change in the future.
BP(Battle Points):~ 2 k
Time you play: Evenings

PSN: ojste
Location/Language: UK/English
Main: Ken/Balrog
BP(Battle Points): ~2k (i avoided ranked after i got my trophies)
Time you play: i may be on anytime from 6pm-3am

PSN: DoubleKO-
Location/Language:UK, Jibberish, Double-Dutch and Bollox
Main: Ryu/Balrog/Honda
BP(Battle Points):3,734
Time you play:Lot’s for now, but in 3 weeks a lot less :smiley: Moving city

PSN: AndY0ne-
Location/Language: Sweden/English
Main: Sagat, learning Rufus.
BP(Battle Points): dunno
Time you play: ehm, when Im not at work.

PSN: Joeone88
Location/Language: Swedish/English
Main: Dictator/Honda
BP: 2.5k
Time you play: I play mostly during the nights and evenings you might find me online during the days.

PSN: mrmrbungle
Location/Language: Ireland, English
BP(Battle Points): 3.4k
Main: Blanka, and Honda, im crap with ken and ryu but make an attempt
Time you play: Whenever i can!!!

i tried adding you but i says unregistered id is it Da-gankinator ?

Psn is Matty-88-

new to SFiV

Play Akuma

online now :smiley: and most nights

PSN: dimun81
Location/Language: Moscow / RF (Russian/English)
Main: Zangief/Cammy
BP(Battle Points): ~1k
Time you play: Weekend, evenings :coffee:

PSN: Unskillable_AUT
Location/Language: Austria - German/English
Main: Blanka
BP(Battle Points): ~5k+
Time you play: Weekend, evenings

I am looking for training partners!

PSN: cocobread
Location/Language: uk
BP(Battle Points): fluctuating around 2000
Time you play: evenings 7pm onwards

I play as Bison. Im not that good and could use the practice.