SF4 Custom Art!

Now that the new SF4 pictures are out here http://www.famitsu.com/game/news/1213478_1124.html
I think it’s time we need some new wallpaper/stick art featuring these new shots. Particularly the solo shots. So any makers out there, I’m requesting some wallpapers/stick art using these guys. Something along the lines of a groupshot with alot of that abstract shit with lines and stuff going everywhere is cool, or whatever you want to make using these guys is cool to. You guys up for the job?

By the way, I meant for these guys to make the art for the whole community as well not just me, but I wouldn’t mind some personal art.

Here the theme I’ve been working with. I’m just not sure if I should include the screens or not.

Artwork + Screens:



I plan to do one for all of the current roster but I just wanted some opinions before I continued.

Nice work!!

The second Chunner’s one is greatness.

Good shi’ Vegett0. :highfive:

The Guile one too.

Yeah man, they’re all dope.
Espescialy The second chun one.


I see people are digging the added screenies but what do you think of this new style? :bgrin:


lol off topic, but your av is so lmao.

Nice Work Veggett0!

Well, I’m going to post up all the wallpapers here when I’m done. I’m going to stick with the style with the screens.

However, I’m thinking of making another set in the vector sunburst style, if I’m not too burned out at the end. :wonder:

Thanks. :cool:

Dude, everything you’ve shown has been pimp. I like both styles, they’re both unique and awesome as shit. I like how it matches the original teaser trailers “Okami” art style. Any chance of one with all the characters in it?

dope as funk

Here they are:










You changed the backgrounds to all black now? Instead of having them match the theme of their respective colors? By the way, that is some serious work, though I wouldn’t also mind the simple versions of those like you previously showed those were bad ass too. But damn, either way it’s freaking awesome. but I guess you should leave the simple ones to the vector sunburst ones. But then if you’re using photoshop, couldn’t you simple just uncheck the visible icon for the screenshots and make it exactly like the simple versions before?

Indeed I can.

Actually, I prefer the simpler style because I don’t like to clutter things up. That is the reason I didn’t make one with all the chars. It would most likely end up being too busy. Although, busy can be good as portrayed by Udon’s SF artwork wallpapers. I’ll put up the simpler splatter set if you guys really want me to.

I’ll end up doing another set using the vector sunburst style soon.

i like the concept Vegett0, but i think the execution is a lil off. it is all very busy and lacks a sense of harmony
maybe try reducing the saturation or hue of some of the subjects [screenshots i guess?] since they are all fighting for dominance

I know what you mean. I was thinking of setting the overall color of the screenshots to a color appropriate to the character’s design.

However, I didn’t really want to alter them so as to not devalue the look of the game.

How about the backgrounds? Like I mentioned earlier, the black is cool too, but I’d love to see it also match the color of the font and the character.

Here’s an idea where the screens aren’t as attention grabbing and the bg has a color that matches the character:


That looks sick Vegetto.

PSP versions as requested:


C. Viper


Chun Li




E. Honda