SF4 Combo Challenge 06: 700 Class = impossible for able

been tryin this shit for at least 30 minutes.

this is the closest i can get
Counter hit ON

Jump in Fierce–>F.MK–>FIERCE–>Heavy COD->FADC–>F.mk–>FIERCE->Heavy Cod–>FADC-C.HP–>(Variable)

ive tried falling sky,ultra,AND wheel kick for the variable NO CHANGE.

i can get him to 688 stun with 488 dmg with a HEAVY wheel kick.

i think for the ultra it was slightly more with like 523 er something.

Do the infinite on chun for like a half hour and you’ll get it.

you cant, it has to apply to the basic rules of the game meaning…

No unlimted super meter

Abel has a infinite against chun and rufus. I’m pretty sure you dont need any meter to do it.

wow, no clue just you tubed it.

3 infinite so far in SF:4

i feel like a scrub for not knowing about it

Try (with counter hit on) jump in RH, cr.FP -> Ultra - the more FADC nonense you do, the more it scales the damage…

I have no idea how much damage the above combo does, by the way.

oh yeah heres the combo i did trrying to figure it out.

J. Hp > C.Hp > Ultra (to my knowledge so far) is Abel’s strongest combo. 598 to anyone that isn’t maskless Vega.

I don’t think he’s a 700 club member… but that just makes him more fun. Think about it… more time to mind f*ck. :wink:

my stick isn’t working, can someone try this.

close HK CH > step kick > close FP > HP COD > FADC > step kick > close FP > HP COD > FADC > close HP (should stun here) > ultra

i think to combo into step kick from the HK the opponent has to be crouching, and step kick to close FP doesnt hit all opponents crouched. If it doesn’t work on seth forgive me, but If it does, this combo might be close to what you need.

edit : this same combo should stun Akuma as well, if both hits of the last close HP hit, should total 850 stun. not sure if you can step kick close FP him when he is crouched.

edit 2: close HK CH > step kick > close FP > HP COD > FADC > step kick > close FP > HP COD > FADC > crouch HP > wheel kick (stun) this should be 1000 stun. Might open this up to more characters.

I’ll give it a shot, but I’m pretty shit at hitting the stepkick FP.

that combo will only do about 430 damage and probably won’t stun. I tried finding 100% stuns on Seth as Abel and he doesn’t have any. I don’t think Abel can compete for this one

Backwards Abel combo is sick.

backwards abel combo?