SF4 Brawler Pack free of charge on Xbox Live


This may not be the right place to post this but…FREE

aww no ps3?

Thank you a lot.
I will download it, because I do not have.

thanks for the link.

“Already Purchased.”

Ah, a link to the CE download. I used the CE code to get the brawler pack and this looks like it’s it, lol. It doesn’t show up as purchased when I go to get it the regular way.

sweet! free alt. costume! hope they would do that for other packs too haha (wishful thinking)

It was prolly the worst selling bundle, it was the only one I did’nt buy. But I will take it for FREE!:rofl:

yesss free !!! dl through xbox live worked perfect thank you!!!

thanks op!
btw,hurry and grab this cause it has to be a mistake on microsofts end

I got it.
And it works for my PAL-Release, just to confirm that it’s not NTSC-only :smiley:

But oh well, I would have hoped for a free Shoryuken Pack. Better than nothing, I guess :slight_smile:

i bought the whole costume pack.

i’m bummed this isn’t for ps3 though, i don’t have any alts for that

read about this on NeoGAF awhile ago, so glad for any free DLC i can get

Hmmn. Came with my CE edition already.

Thanks OP!

Just downloaded. Nice find, OP!

Considering Super’s coming out in a little more than a month, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did this for the rest of the packs…

a big thanks to the OP!

love free stuff!! thaxs!!!

hit me up when the same’s true for the PS3.

Don’t count on that. This download in praticular just seems to be a small fuck-up on Microsoft’s side.

It’s not free on the xboxs game marketplace but, only on the website. Weird.