SF4/bb/kof12/mvc2 @ roxx, 8/22, cinci,oh

So, another tournament will be going down @ Roxx on the 22nd of August at 1pm (so get there early). This will be a 5 event tourney to try and trump the July event held there. Featured in full force will be Street Fighter IV, King of Fighters XII, Blazblue, and a few of the Capcom vs. series and a classic multi-game event as well. Like last time there will be a $5 venue fee for the house, and individual pots for each game. If we get 10 or more people on an event winnings of the pot will be split 70/20/10, if less than 10 people participate it will be 60/40. Events are as follows:

$10 events: (double elim)

  • Street Fighter IV
  • King of Fighters XII
  • Blazblue
  • Capcom vs. Snk 2

$5 multi-event tourney: (3 single elim events)

  • Kof 98
  • SF2 HDR
  • MvC 2 HDR

All events will default to 360 (except CVS2, which will be ps2), although if somebody wants to bring a copy of the game on ps3 and their controller (and probably a flashstick with gamesaves/ char. unlocks) Roxx does have a ps3, and I am not averse to catering towards ps3 owners. Multi-event tourney will run slightly differently than last time as well, instead of round robin, it will be single elimination; still judged by number of wins for victor. Any questions or comments leave a post, and I hope to see you there.

Any chance of running double elim for the $10 tourneys?

All the $10 ones are double elim, sorry for not making that clear.

Sounds good. I’ll try to be there again.

From some word on the gamejunkie.com forums and my facebook page it seems like we might get a better turn out than last time. This is some exciting news, I’m hoping there will be a nice turnout for the King of Fighters XII myself. That game needs some good attention.

The new version of MvC2 is not tournament worthy, any chance of a DC version?

Also, what were your numbers like last time? I just sold my xbox stick but I may find a way to come.

otter you can use my stick if necessary man, i should have two there at least.

Last time there were about 10 total people, 6 on the smaller events and 8 on sf4. Should be bigger this time, with people who couldn’t make it last time bringing themselves and others. I expect every event to have at least 8 to 10+ people now. Also, most people were fine with sharing sticks. I’m not sure if the dc version will make a showing or not, but out of curiosity, what makes the new mvc2 hdr untourney worthy (I have yet to download it.)

i wish HDR had it’s own tourney :frowning:

It didn’t get anybody wanting it last time. If we get demand it’ll be its own tourney, but I figure throwing MVC2 in the mix will make people play it too. Aren’t I devious.

Single-elim Marvel? Really?

MvC2 isn’t a main tourney, kind of a more fun casual part to a side tourney. Anyways, everybody knows KoF is where its at…and blazblue…

I tried last time and no one wanted to play HDR but me, LOL.

I have a 360 SF4 TE stick I don’t use I can bring if someone needs to borrow a stick, I also have two 360 Hori EX2’s I could bring. Finding sticks or controllers to use shouldn’t be a problem.

Thanks for offering sticks ailerus and mad possum, I will need to accept if I come (60% chance) I’m hoping there will be 10 people in each game. Sound realistic?

Possum, what could you possibly using INSTEAD of a TE? My PS3 one hasn’t had a day off since Febuary.

I also wish MvC2 was a seperate full event,but the players are just not there. The last one I attended was canceled lol. If anyone wants to play for a few dollars on the side, let me know.

I have a HAPP custom I use as my main stick, I’ve always been an American-style stick man. I might play you something on the side for a small amount, but not MvC2 (I just started playing it), LOL.

I’ll have my ex2 there as well, I’m also trying some mods on it based on something another fella had last time (I’m putting an octo gate on it and a bat top if it will fit). That’ll be available if anybody needs it too.

Sorry for the double post, just had a time question on xbl from someone, so to be clear, the whole day starts at 1pm, although I would greatly appreciate people showing up earlier to speed up registration and whatnot. Also, here is the event schedule, so if your game isn’t until later in the day, you know when you need to be there (again, please show up about half an hour early for the events you want to participate in if you’re going to arrive later in the day):

1pm- $5 Multi-event
2:30- Blazblue
3:30- Street Fighter IV
4:30- King of Fighters XII
5:30- Capcom vs. Snk 2

I would love an estimate of pre-regs for this. You said people from other sites are interested?

Its probably going to be around 10 to 15 again, last time was 11 total between events, this time is looking to bigger! (hopefully)

me derrick legend and kodi will most likely be there i dunno about luke tho ill have to talk to him